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Even as I’m starting this post, I’m realizing all of the other items that should be part of this. Maybe a new blog series? It could work, especially since Trader Joe’s changes up their selection pretty frequently.

First up: Snack foods. Would you expect anything else from me?


I hesitated to try the Raisin Rosemary Crisps, but now I want to go back and eat more of them to make up for that. I know it sounds like an odd combination, but they’re really good and most of the time I don’t even dip them in anything. The Pita Bite crackers I either dip in hummus, a tzatziki sauce (TJ’s also has an awesome one!), or I heat them up with pieces of mozzarella string cheese on top and pretend it’s healthy nachos. Whatever works.

Now that we’ve snacked, I guess we can move along logically to breakfast?


Dan and I go through so many boxes of both of these. He eats the waffles plain or with syrup while I prefer them with almond or peanut butter and some fruit on top. Same story with the oatmeal – Dan likes it plain, I like to add some fruit (more on that below).


These pomegranate seeds? Everything. I can eat an entire box of them in one sitting and I’ve even googled whether you can have too many. I told Google “a friend” wanted to know. These are what I throw on top of my oatmeal and I love the combination of the mush (is there a better word to describe oatmeal?) with the crunch. The feta also ends up on top of every pasta dish I make, including these ravioli. I can’t always find these, but when I do, I stock up. They were even part of Easter dinner this year!


Ugh, these things are so good. I usually dip them in some of my flavored balsamics, but I’ve also melted cheese over them. I would imagine they’re good plain as well, but I can’t stop putting cheese on things, so I may never know.


Speaking of things to add cheese to. This is my absolute favorite pizza and we both buy it all the time. The cheese with the squash, and then there are green things on it that disguise it as healthy. MMMmmmmm.


You know that commercial for hot sauce where the old woman says “I put that $#@% on everything”? Well, I put this garlic salt on EVERYthing. I bought it on a whim one day and I can’t get over how flavorful it is, even with just a sprinkle of it on pasta, bread, salads, pizza, cupcakes. Ok, I’m kidding about that last one, but…maybe?

The chocolate bar says “sugar free” and yet it still tastes amazing. It’s dark chocolate, so it’s doing good things for my heart too, which is why I have to eat a piece every night. Right?

Ok, your turn!! What things do you love to buy from TJs? We wait for the pumpkin waffles every fall and we’re constantly buying salads. Oh, and their burritos! And some of the iced teas. And wine. Ok, I think we will be doing another one of these soon…

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