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This website is like the Holy Grail of shopping. I don’t know anything about the Holy Grail other than what Monty Python & Dan Brown have taught me, so that may not be entirely accurate, but it certainly is the Holy SomethingOrOther. Just go with it…

If there is a coupon out there for something, will find it for you. Just click above the search bar to change from “Deals” to “Coupons”, enter the store name, and click “Search”. If there are any printable coupons for that store, they will pop up with a printer icon. If there are online coupon codes, they will show you the code AND the most recent success rate.


Pretty cool, right? I hope you have that down, because I’m about to throw so much more coupon coolness your way. Ready? Using, you can find printable grocery coupons, the day’s hottest shopping deals, a question and answer forum (helpful if you want to ask things like “where can I find the cheapest tickets to this event?”), and a list of the day’s freebies. They also have a mobile app:



Flea Market Finds


These were $2. I almost feel like I shouldn’t tell anyone that. It’s like the time I had a really nice “Coach” bag that was totally fake and people would say “oh, I love your bag!” and I would immediately reply “thanks, it’s fake”.


I also bought a $6 starfish necklace that I have been wearing at least twice a week. Which is a lie, because I definitely wear it every other day.


I’m loving this color because it reminds me of the ocean. You know, the one I haven’t been to all summer so far? The one that I may never go to again after watching Shark Week? Those things can’t get into my pool, right?…Right?

The Holidays are Coming?!

Has anyone actually started Christmas shopping already? I normally consider myself ahead of the game if I start before Thanksgiving, but this year I am already hearing things about “the holidays” and it’s only mid-August! What “holidays” are you referring to – Labor Day & Yom Kippur? I generally don’t buy people gifts for those.

One of the places that just informed me about these impending holidays was This is a website where you can take a voucher from a deal site, such as Groupon, and turn it into a nice looking gift. If you don’t already have a voucher that you’ve purchased, you can search for one using this site. Then you enter your voucher information and the little elves inside your computer turn it into a fancy little gift certificate that you can print out and give to someone you like. Or someone you don’t like, whatever.


They actually have a bunch of different themes, like Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, fitness, Valentine’s Day, and a few others. Some of them are really cute. Cute enough that now I want to buy a voucher and make it into a gift. For myself. Happy Yom Kippur to me?


I just found the most amazing business idea and I’m more than a little upset that I didn’t come up with it myself. Check this out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


You can rent textbooks! Rent them. R-e-n-t, which means to not pay $200 for a book you will open a maximum of 5 times a semester and then sell back 3 months later for $4. Is this not the best idea ever?! I mean, I’m sure some kid has been doing this in his dorm room for years, but the fact that everyone can now use the internet to rent a textbook as easily as they can get a Netflix movie makes me want to give this site a big, red A+.

It also makes me wish I went to school in the age of iPads, cell phones, and Chegg. My life would have been so much easier. Do you KNOW how hard it was to type a paper on a word processor that had no social networking distractions? Or to spend 10 minutes folding a note into a perfect triangle shape to pass to a friend in between classes instead of sending a text message? I have no idea how I had time for homework.

Everyone’s a Photographer

With all the apps available for smartphones now, does anyone even still use a regular point & shoot camera? There are apps that let you choose filters, add cool effects, change colors, crop, and basically make it look like you’re a professional photographer, even though you can’t figure out why your real camera has all these wavy lines and something that says “ISO” on the screen…

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Instagram. As far as photo-editing apps go, it’s actually kind of low-end. The only things you can do are choose a filter, rotate the photo, and add a blur. I like it more so because it’s also a social network. You can “follow” people and comment on their photos, and then explore photos taken by celebrities or other users that you’re not following. Check out some of these gems, posted by the same girl who can’t get those wavy ISO things off her camera (err…me.)



There are some people who actually post some really awesome photos, so get the app and start following people! Then you can take advantage of the Postagram deal I’m about to share where you can turn your Instagram photos into personalized postcards for only 99 cents!

Ok, I’m kind of telling a lie. It’s not a deal anymore. Last week they were letting you sign up and send 5 FREE postcards. I dropped the ball on that one and forgot to post it, so now I’m trying to pretend that it’s a deal at 99 cents. But it is! Postcards cost…what? like 28 cents to mail now anyway? So for 71 cents more, you can take a fancy picture, add a cute message, and send it to someone on a high quality postcard. You can even choose to have the photo pop out of the card for someone to save or frame! Use it for a card AND a gift! Now you’re really saving money and I didn’t even have to lie

Birchbox in Your Mailbox

I was recently thinking about cancelling my Birchbox subscription because, after all, I am really cheap. Then I received this month’s box and there is NO way I am cancelling now. For $10 a month, you get a little pink box in the mail, which is fun all in itself because who doesn’t love to get packages in the mail?! That box is filled with a bunch of samples (sometimes full-sized!) of different beauty products. There is usually something in there that is not a beauty product too, like the snack bar and the earbuds in the photo below.


ALL of that stuff was in this month’s box! Clockwise from the snack bar are:

  • a bronzer that helps me look like I haven’t spent most of the summer so far in an office
  • a summery nail polish the color of ocean water (but pretty ocean water, not Atlantic Ocean water – sorry, it had to be said)
  • the cutest earbuds I have ever seen that were perfect for the Color Run 5K that I did the following weekend
  • some facial cleansers and moisturizers made from natural ingredients
  • a perfume sample that I actually liked because it’s not flowery at all
  • a hair mask that I desperately needed
  • cards explaining the items and where to purchase them, along with some other tips and goodies

I’m still excited just writing about this! I hope everything here lasts me until next month when I get my next one. I’ll give you one guess as to which one is already gone…

How Much Did I Pay for All of This???

It’s a trick question!! I paid absolutely NOTHING!! In fact, I actually MADE money from CVS for all of this stuff.


Here’s how (the really shortened version):

  • I started with $19 ExtraCare Bucks from previous shopping trips.
  • CVS’s Black Friday ad was ah-MAZE-ing! So many things are completely FREE after ECBs
  • I used some coupons to make the amount that I actually spent less than what I got back – making me money!!

The total retail value of everything you see here is $76.23. I spent $2.38 in cash out of my own pocket, BUT in the end, I made $4 in ECBs after all of my transactions were done (I did 3 of them). So overall, I got $76 worth of stuff for free AND gained about $1.50.

You can do this too! The sale is good until Saturday 11/26. It’s SO easy! If you’re interested or have any questions about where to find coupons, just ask! The best part? You won’t get trampled, bloodied, or bruised like you might at Best Buy or Walmart!

Happy Black Friday to meeeee!

Haunt Your House for Cheap!

Sometime towards the end of September I flipped the calendar over early so that my boyfriend would let me decorate for Halloween. He’s not really the Scrooge type, but for some reason he didn’t want to decorate until it was officially October. I think he just didn’t want to face the fact that summer is over. I, on the other hand, could not stop buying Halloween decorations every time I walked into a dollar store. They’re just so cute and they’re only $1, so even if I get 30 of them, that’s still like….wicked cheap, right?!


I realize this is terribly uncool, but I love the dollar store for things like this. I mean we got some pretty good decorations for just $1, and a lot of them will probably get reused next year. Even the ones that don’t (like the static cling pumpkin my kitten has been insisting should not stay hanging on our window) well, they were a dollar. I also got all my Halloween party plates, cups, napkins, straws, table cloths, candy bowls, and platters from the dollar store, which would have been scarily, creepily, frighteningly expensive had I gone to iParty or Target.

768895025 (1)


I can’t wait to go back for Christmas decorations!! (Too soon?)

What Does CVS Even Stand For??

Did you ever wonder that? Well, maybe you have more of a life than me then. Which helps explain why I’m posting this at 8pm on a Friday night.

I just wanted to tell you about CVS’s advisor panel. If you join, they will send you occasional surveys to complete for Extra Care Bucks! And apparently the ECBs are anywhere from $5 to $15! CVS is slowly becoming my favorite place to shop. Sorry Target.

What Do Fly Fishing, iPads, Sweaters, and Coffee Tables Have In Common?

I overwhelmed myself with this one, and I keep staring at it deciding how I want to fit everything in. I originally wanted to tell you about the classes that A.C. Moore and Michael’s offer, but when I started researching it I found SO many more places that offer these! I want to sign up for them all!

Apple – You can take a free Apple workshop on everything from learning about your new iPad to using iTunes or iWork. There are a bunch of these, and frankly I’m shocked because nothing Apple puts out is inexpensive, so for these to be FREE is amazing. I want to buy an iPad just to take the class.

Bass Pro Shops – I’m not much of a girly girl, but I’m also not that much into fly fishing or hunting either. Some of these workshops don’t really interest me, but others sound kinda fun, like the snowshoeing adventure. I really just included this one because the Bass Pro Shop is such a fun store to visit. I mean, you could walk around the entire store just looking up at all the things hanging from the ceiling, although I don’t recommend this because there ARE stairs. There’s also a shooting arcade that’s pretty fun even if you stink at it and use 30 shots just to make the little beaver pop up.


Michaels – These classes change every month, but this is the current schedule. They have little in-store demos and I’ve made a bracelet there once. The demos are free, but the classes sometimes cost money, like the price of materials or something. These are my weakness because I love fun crafty things, but I haven’t done one in a while!

A.C. Moore – They also offer in-store classes and I’ve taken a jewelry one here too. I think it was $17 and we learned to make a necklace. We had to buy or bring our own beads, but the tools were available for everyone to use. When I put my zip code into the link above, there are no classes listed for January in the store closest to me, which is the first time I’ve ever seen that happen, so keep checking because there usually are a few each month for jewelry making, cake decorating, and yarn projects. I’m thinking of making something like this for next year’s ugly christmas sweater parties:


Williams Sonoma – I’ve been wanting to do one of these forever! Um..and I certainly could use the lesson. Ask my mom about the time I cried making chicken, or tried to make baked mac & cheese without cooking the macaroni first. I think I will sign up for one of these right away…

Home Depot – At first I wanted to be offended at the “Do-it-herself” workshops on this site, but then I read about them and…well, they actually are things that I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about doing, so they seem helpful. And FREE! There are also kid workshops and a projects section too.

I’m going to keep searching for more of these, but if you know of some that I missed, definitely let me know!!