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This Week’s Menu

You’re all going to think that my blog was hacked when I say this, but I saw TWO movies this weekend. Whole ones. In the theater. And I’m still here to tell you about it!

Spiderman 2 was actually not that bad, once I could stop referring to it as Superman and making Dan want to suffocate me in my sleep. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, especially since it’s two-and-a-half hours long, but it was actually decent. Godzilla on the other hand…that felt like the full two hours and then some more two hours, followed by an additional two hours. But the 3D was neat?

I am officially the best girlfriend ever and should have no trouble dragging Dan to see The Fault in Our Stars with me.

Along with all this movie-watching comes theater food, candy, and dinners on the run. I’ve had a lot of jelly beans, pizza, ice cream, and french fries this weekend. So for the week ahead, I wanted to plan some healthier meals. Of course, I went straight to Pinterest for inspiration.

For breakfast this week, these Whole Wheat Strawberry Banana Protein Muffins will be an easy, healthy option to grab on our way out the door.


For lunch, I plan to combine these two salads into one that I can take to work and enjoy with cottage cheese, broccoli, cucumber, grapes, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds.

cottage cheese salad{source}

broccoli grape salad{source}

One of the two dinners on the menu for the week is this Strawberry Basil Balsamic Pizza.

strawberry pizza{source}

The other I let Dan choose and he picked these Broccoli Parmesean Meatballs. I think these might be good with some whole wheat pasta and olive oil, or maybe a spaghetti squash.


If we decide we need a side dish to go with our meal, these Cinnamon Vanilla Sweet Potatoes look delicious!

sweet potatoes{source}

And of course, I need a sweet treat to follow every.single.meal. This Banana Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding looks great on it’s own, but I might even throw a few chocolate chips on top to make it even better.

chia pudding


I’m really excited to try all of these! They all seem like healthy options without being boring or bland. What’s on your menu for the week? Have you tried any Pinterest recipes that you’ve really loved?

Quick Little Updates

With my 30 Day Fun Fitness Challenge coming to a close, I thought I would just cram the results and a whole bunch of other updates into one post. I’m all about saving the internet environment.

30 Day Fun Fitness Challenge

So this was fun. At first. But like with all things, I started to get bored towards the end and just kind of…gave up. I’m the kind of person who likes to see results. It even makes me happy to clean my bathroom and be able to see how great everything looks after, even if it’s only for five minutes. But we all know that workouts don’t yield immediate results. And I do not have patience.


I did pretty well up until the end, only skipping two days and eventually making them up on a different day. I’ve noticed that I really do NOT like going to the apartment complex (or any) gym and would much rather work out in my living room. I also noticed that I most enjoyed the workouts that included a mix of activities, like the ones in pink. Admittedly, some of these were fairly easy and I would probably make them more challenging if I ever did this again, but I liked having a set number of things to accomplish and pushing through them before I had a chance to get bored.

In the end, I didn’t lose any weight (in fact I’m up to 134!), nor do I really feel any differently, but maybe I just needed to give it more than 30 days (ok, fine, 25)? Or stop eating cookies? I’m not sure which is the better (or worse?) option.

Spring Bucket List

This one isn’t over yet, and let’s be serious, it really has just begun. I think we’ve had maybe four actual spring-like days so far, so I’m going to be cramming a lot of these in within the last five weeks left of the season.


You may notice that coloring Easter eggs is not crossed off. Is it acceptable to do this long after the Easter Bunny has packed up and begun his 364-day vacation from delivering baskets? I just wasn’t in the mood to make a mess of my kitchen, and then I couldn’t find a half-dozen white eggs at my grocery store, and then we decided that no one would even EAT hard-boiled eggs, yadda yadda yadda.

I’m working on my Summer Bucket List right now, but I’m not sure how practical it is to have 100+ things to do in a 93-day period (I counted.), so I’m trying to narrow that one down a little. It’s soooooo HARD. I add seven for every one I cut. Typical.

Weekly Photo Challenge

This is definitely my favorite challenge. We’re only three weeks in, but we gained a friend, so now there are three of us taking and sharing photos every week based on a changing theme. The first week’s theme was Spring:



Followed by Architecture:



And here’s a sneak peek at the current week, Transportation:



That’s what’s up around here! Have any updates of your own? Leave them in the comments below along with your picks for what absolutely MUST be on a Summer Bucket List!

My Mint Green Life

Last month I went on a bit of a shopping spree and noticed a little trend when I started unloading my bags – mint green hoodie, mint jeans, mint dress, mint pajamas, mint tank. I think I was just dying for it to hurry up and please be spring already, and now that it is finally FINALLY here, I think my closet definitely looks the part.

But I can’t stop.

So here are a few more minty things on my (always-growing) list:

Mood Board - Mint

(1) Sandals | ModCloth – I have a feeling I will be adding these to my shoe rack very soon. I’m also on the lookout for a pair of mint flats, maybe even with some scalloping details, but wayyyy more in my price range than these.

(2) Pillows | Kalstek Photography (via Etsy) – I think these are so pretty, but I’m not sure they would look right on my black couches. I may just have to add a new couch to the list as well…

(3) Island Spa Candle | Yankee Candle – If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a sucker for candles. This one would smell great AND look good while doing it.

(4) Notebook | Zazzle – SO. MANY. CUTE. Notebooks. I want to write in them all! Lists upon lists upon lists! Ok, moving on.

(5) Earrings | Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry (via Etsy) – This jewelry line is created by another blogger that I follow, Lauren Elizabeth, and I really am not lying when I say that I love almost everything in her etsy shop. It’s somehow vintagey and modern all at the same time, and the colors are all so pretty.

(6) Necklace | Anne Emma Jewelry (via Etsy) – I’ve been on the lookout for a necklace like this one. Maybe a little more jeweled, but this one would be an excellent backup plan if I don’t find that. Or, you know, buy two?

(7) Purse | DSW (via ShopStyle) – I was walking through the mall a few days ago and my purse BROKE. Just fell right off my shoulder. So this is more of a necessity than a want. Right? That’s what I’m telling myself.

(8) Phone Cover | Rove Studio (via Etsy) – I can’t. I just. So gorgeous. Please show up in my mailbox.

Also on the list – mint chocolate chip ice cream. Immediately.

Things & Stuff | Weekly Favorites

Haven’t done one of these in about a month! Here’s what I love this week (which will most likely be totally different next week because, hi, have you met me?)

(1) Bevcooks on Instagram – she is hysterical. She’s a food blogger turned mommy-er to a set of twins and the captions she comes up with are a riot. Literally laugh-out-loud funny. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that she has lots of good material to work with. This is one of my favorites:

"Dude you would not believe what's going on with this red boat." "Whatever, these 8 pears are blowing my mind."
“Dude you would not believe what’s going on with this red boat.” “Whatever, these 8 pears are blowing my mind.”


(2) This Green Tea & Bamboo candle that I got at Target. I can’t find the link to it on Target’s website, which is going to be a problem for me because I need these in bulk. When I first smelled it, the scent reminded me of something and it took me DAYS of inhaling it every five seconds before I finally figured it out – a deodorant that I used to wear. I know, I know, I’m really not selling it well, but it’s such a clean, refreshing scent. If you’re in Target and you come across this, give it a good sniff. And buy me 12, please.


(3) So by now everyone has seen the Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle with Emma Stone, right? That video set off a domino effect for me a few nights ago, and it ended three hours later with a tub of Trader Joe’s ice cream and the sad fact that I had seen every internet video in existence. Well, ok, only the ones with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake in them. First, I watched every lip sync battle (there are currently four unless you know something I don’t). Then, I watched every History of Rap (currently five), which led to every Evolution of Dance, which led to clips from their SNL appearance together, and finally ended with JT doing impressions of Jimmy on his show. Did I miss anything?

(4) Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I feel like that’s the only place we shop for food anymore. If I cooked ever, that might be different, but we really can get all we need from TJs most weeks. The thing I’ve been loving the most from our recent shopping haul is the Cranberry Almond Grain Medley. I’ve only eaten it cold so far, but their flyer suggests warming it up and eating it for breakfast in place of oatmeal, so that will be happening soon. I also love most of their frozen pizzas, especially the mini ones because I feel “healthier” when I eat just one, and their Beef-less Ground Beef, which I made insanely delicious nachos from the other night.


What are your Friday favorites? Food, fun, or even alliteration, maybe?

Some Very Friendly Toast

It’s no secret that Dan and I frequently like to try new restaurants, and it’s even less of a mystery that I say it that way because it sounds better than “we like to eat out. a lot.”

This past Sunday was no exception. I had been dying to try The Friendly Toast since friends had raved about it years ago, but being 25-30 min away kind of kept it off of our radar most weekends. It’s a popular place and we were warned to expect at least an hour wait. We were pleasantly surprised when we pushed through the crowd to the hostess stand and discovered it was merely 35 minutes! How is that for a lesson in relativity?


If waiting and crowded places aren’t your thing, then I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this for a weekend breakfast, but you should know that they are not my things either and I would deal with both of them again just to have this breakfast menu in from of me one more time.


Say what?! There was also a special of oatmeal pancakes with caramelized bananas and chocolate ganache. When we walked in (and in the weeks leading up to this visit), I had my heart set on something so sweet my teeth would bleed, so this seemed perfect. I talked myself in and out of it so many times, but in the end, I decided to abandon my sugar cravings and order the breakfast burrito instead.


I’m not entirely sure how the neon sign in my brain that’s constantly flashing “SUGAR!Carbs!Weeee!” malfunctioned that morning, but it was one of my strongest decisions in months.


Cell phone pictures could never do it justice, but this burrito was packed with everything wonderful (I might have even spotted a unicorn in there) and the leftovers were just as great for lunch the next day. Dan was equally happy with his omelet stuffed with meats and topped with maple sour cream.


We’ve both declared it our new favorite breakfast spot, not just for the food, but for the playlist (Blink 182 & Green Day), the decor (very Cambridge), and yes, mostly the food.

Next time I have my eye on those King Cakes!

Things & Stuff | Weekly Favorites

This week? So up and down. I fully intended to have a fun DIY post earlier in the week, but when the supplies I ordered came in, they were not what I expected, so I got a refund and I’m back to square one on that. Then it was my birthday, which is obviously an up, and then it was not my birthday anymore, which is kind of a down. Today started with a flat tire, but it was a quick (although expensive!) fix, and it’s Friday and I have a fun weekend planned, so more up than down!

Shall we?

(1) I’m always the last to watch these viral videos, mostly because I have the attention span of a gnat and I can’t sit still for anything longer than a flash of light, but this one has been all over social media this past week and it caught my attention. It’s too good not to share.

Kind of reminds me of this one, which is also worth watching:

(2) I’ve talked about New England Olive Oil Company before here, but I’ve found another LOVE in Concord, MA and I’m excited to be visiting them both again this weekend. The Cheese Shop had been recommended to us by a few friends and I have no idea why it took us so long to try it. It has an old-fashioned general store feel to it and everything we’ve sampled or bought so far has been incredible. It’s more than just a cheese shop – you can also get wine, gourmet jams & spreads, chocolate, and deli sandwiches there, among other things. If you’re local (or plan to be in the area), it’s definitely worth the visit!

(3) We’ve been planning our annual vacation, which seems like it’s going to be either Montreal or Washington, D.C. While D.C seems to have more for us to do, Montreal has these incredible botanical garden sculptures that I think would be great to photograph! I mean, look at these things. Ridiculous.



(4) Speaking of D.C, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with House of Cards lately, so you can imagine my excitement at getting to tour my State House this week as part of a networking event. I have never really been interested in politics or history before, so this is kind of a new thing for me. I played the part of Obnoxious Tourist and came home with over 150 photos and a whole lot of new fun facts.









Those have been my ups this week, what are yours?!

Things & Stuff | Weekly Favorites

So I guess these Friday Favorites are becoming a thing? Maybe I will run out of them soon, but right now I still get overly excited about numerous things each week, only to promptly forget about them once a new Monday rolls around. Like that QuizUp app I couldn’t stop talking about (or playing)? I got overwhelmed with all of the requests once I asked (forced.) everyone else to install it and challenge me. I don’t think I’ve opened the app since the third day I’ve had it. This is my life.

Here we go:

(1) This dialect map quiz that Dan found somewhere. So far I don’t know of anyone that it’s been wrong about. The results for most of my local friends have been Boston, Worcester, or Providence. I got Springfield, which I attribute mainly to the fact that I refer to a foot-long sandwich as a “grinder” and not a “sub”. Maybe “tag sale” has something to do with it too? So funny the difference that 100 miles makes. Also, has anyone ever heard of ANY of those other names for a sunshower? I think they made them all up.

dialect map

(2) I’ve only gotten halfway through this list of the 100 Funniest Things in the History of the Internet, but my god. Some of these are not safe for work, mostly because you will look pretty ridiculous trying not to laugh out loud. Number 3? Hysterical. I’ve seen the videos for #18, 40, and 41 before, but I just rewatched them all and I freaking love the internet.

(3) One of my absolute favorite restaurants is opening about a mile away from my apartment! I’ve loved the baked brie at British Beer Company for years, and it’s just about the only place you can order a Fruli. Which you should. Because it’s delicious.

(4) I am SO ready for Spring. I just bought this jacket at Target and I think I’m going to wear it in place of, well, everything, for the next 3 months. I just love it so much. So much that I even took a bathroom mirror selfie this morning.



BUT. Then I realized that it doesn’t have side pockets for me to put my hands, phone, etc. into and this might just be a deal breaker.

What things are you loving this week?

Things & Stuff | Weekly Favorites

Seriously? A week went by already? What the…?

This week I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth to share a new list of things that I’m loving!

(1) You know how I’m obsessed with making lists? We have a list for everything – movies we want to see, places we want to vacation to, and restaurants we want to try. Ok, so the movie list is mostly Dan’s, but the food list is obviously my favorite. This week we tried a new restaurant that just opened across the street from our apartment – Marco’s. It was delicious! A little on the expensive side compared to what we were expecting for something that was advertised as a pizza and crepe place, but their menu is a bit more upscale than that. I had the gnocchi pesto and Dan went with spaghetti and meatballs. We split a nutella, banana, and strawberry crepe for dessert and I’m still having dreams about it at night. Definitely will be going back there.


(2) I’m not really “loving” this, I’m just loving how absurd it is. I mean, we all know these things are photoshopped by now, right? But if you’re gonna do it, at least make me believe it! This girl looks like she swallowed a geometry text book and has angles and polygons and tangents (oh my!) popping out all over the place. I mean…no one noticed this? What I AM loving are some of the tweets at the bottom of that article – “Target Photoshop fail looks like it was done in Paint…by a 5-year-old”. Ha!

(3) What a fun idea! It’s like a Birchbox, but made specifically for you! I love getting mail, so I definitely want to participate with this, although it appears I missed the sign up for March. Bummer. I will be looking for the June sign up, and in the meantime, it looks like I need to start Instagramming more to make sure I qualify since my last pic was 2 weeks ago…

(4) This.


It hasn’t been here all week, but it’s slowly bringing itself around again and staying past 6pm. When it finally does come back, I’m going to tie it to a chair and shackle its ankles so that it can NEVER.leave.again!

What was your favorite part of this week?

Things & Stuff | Weekly Favorites

Here is a quick little list of things I’m losing my mind over this week:

This freaking app. A while back, I must have read about QuizUp somewhere and joined a mailing list for it because this week I received an email telling me the Android version of the trivia app was ready for download. There’s nothing for me to write after that last sentence because nothing has happened in my life since. Constant trivia games (they’re quick, 7-question quizzes on every topic you could imagine), challenging friends, and checking to see how many more wins I need to get The Legionary achievement bonus.

Speaking of apps, I’ve seen this one talked about a few times on Facebook this week and I’m pretty intrigued. The technology is explained a little better here. My Goodreads “to-read” shelf has over 130 books on it, and that’s only because I cleaned it out last weekend, so anything to help me read EVERY BOOK EVER is worth a shot. So crazy how you actually kind of get used to that last one the more you stare at it. Science, man.


Have you ever gotten really excited about…vinegar? It’s not something I ever would have expected to be fanatical about, but I’m so psyched that we’re heading out to New England Olive Oil Company today for a tasting. Ok, and to buy a bunch of things. You’ve probably seen their balsamic vinegars and olive oils in some of my food pictures because I use them all the time. I first discovered this place a couple of years ago and I usually grab a few bottles each time I’m there. I would definitely recommend the Aged Fig Balsamic and the White Peach Balsamic. I’ve also tried one of their olive oils and we’re heading out there today because they’ve added a line of specialty sauces and pestos. Yum!


Finally, I am obsessed with the LHCalligraphy Instagram feed. Yes, they look amazing, but click on one of the videos and watch her create something. She makes it look so easy! I think I’ve finally watched every one. It’s my new Netflix.

What things are you excited about this week?

Spring Bucket List

I swear the temperature in my apartment rose seven degrees just from designing this. I’d like to think some snow melted, too.

Spring 2014 Bucket List-page-001

The second March was on my calendar, I decided it was Spring enough. I can’t wait any longer for sunshine, green grass, and just that whole feeling of newness. What’s funny is that even though I am not a fan of birds and flowery smells, when given the choice of these versus snow and cold, suddenly I can’t wait for all that chirping outside my window. Until it actually starts. Grass is always greener, or something like that…

Speaking of grass, this bucket list is full of all the things I want to experience from now until Summer, when I’m sure a new (and much longer) bucket list will be made. Ever since last winter when I did my Holiday Bucket List, I’ve been a little obsessed. It’s just such a fun way to make sure I really enjoy everything the season has to offer. Plus, I really like lists. So, there’s that.

What’s on your list for Spring? Did I miss anything?