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Longer Weekend

Thanks to a whole bunch of Presidents that I wasn’t around to vote for, I had today off, but as everyone knows, “long weekend” is one of the truest oxymorons there is. Or, untruest I guess, by definition.

Let’s start with the part where I make sense.

Friday was Valentine’s Day, so we went out for a nice dinner and then came home to watch a movie. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know this roughly translates to “added another title to my list of Movies That End with a Scene from the Back of My Eyelids.”

Saturday we went out for breakfast and to do a few errands before the big snowstorm. Which big snowstorm you ask? I have no idea, I’ve lost track. I did end up finding some mats for our bathroom floor, smoothie ingredients, and a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s upcoming wedding.


Sunday we decided to be a little adventurous and head to Twin River Casino. The “adventurous” part has to do with seeing how much secondhand smoke you can breathe in before giving up and going to the local mall instead. It was there that I finally ended my two-year long search for brown boots!


I got a great deal on them, even if I didn’t buy them with winnings from our casino adventure!

From there we drove back up to Boston to check out the Frost Bar. Because it’s not cold enough OUTside.


It is a bit expensive (and a LOT cold), but we knew going into it that it was likely a one-time thing. It was still fun to see all the sculptures and enjoy the experience, even if the glasses were made from ice and I was more than a little concerned my lips would end up stuck to them.


After that full day, we came home and said “well I’m exhausted, let’s discover that our cat needs to be taken to the emergency vet where we will stay until 1am yayyyyy!” Actually, I don’t remember saying that. This little guy was such a trooper though, and he’s feeling much better today.


To enjoy my final day off today, I met my mom for some shopping, lunch, chatting, and gelato. I bet you can’t guess which one was my favorite? Wrong! It’s my mom 🙂

Back to the office tomorrow, unless snowstorm #793,062 can pull through for me. How did you spend your “long” weekend?

What Are You Reading?

Another snow day for me today! My office NEVER used to close for weather, but in the last two years we have had several snow days. While I do enjoy them (not going to work, hello?!), I’ve spent a good part of the afternoon pinning things to my Pinterest vision board that make me think of summer. I’m just kind of over the snow and the cold this year. The unexpected day at home is the one good thing that comes from it, but I’m ready for the bonfires, flip flops, s’mores, and nights by the water with good company and a fruity drink.


And obviously the ice cream.

With all of this free time, I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. It’s one of my goals for 2014 to read a lot more and I have an entire Goodreads list of books that I hope will someday make their way into my hands.

I’m currently reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I’ve read two of her other books and loved, loved, LOVED them both (Dark Places and Gone Girl), so I hope this one is just as good.


I just finished Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy, which was a book I saw for sale at this place when Dan and I did an espionage-themed adventure there. I’ve been kind of obsessed with all things CIA since binge-watching three seasons of Homeland a few weeks ago, but the book was just okay. I liked getting the inside scoop on the life of a spy and some of the things they go through in training (I would crap my pants.), but I found the author to be kind of arrogant and off-putting, and a lot of it was just her whining about the job that she originally tells you is her “dream job”. It was a quick read though, and fairly interesting.

Next I’m thinking of reading one of the Rainbow Rowell novels because the entire internet won’t shut up about them and I need to know what I’m missing. Have you read one? I will probably go with Eleanor & Park first, but Attachments sounds like it might be fun.

Another book I’ve been meaning to read for a long time is January First, but I feel like it might be a little depressing. I just love true psych stories though, especially when it’s just a little bit twisted.

So that’s my list for now. What books are you reading, or wanting to read? I need to make a list for my next snow day (Monday?!)


This has been a long, loooong time coming, but I am so excited to finally have my blog redesigned and on WordPress now!

I know it might not appear to be a big change, but this was a project that I started many months ago (almost 12 of them, eek) and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It was a painstaking process of copying, pasting, researching, coding, crying, Googling, designing, swearing, even more crying, and now…celebrating!

I really want to thank a couple of Dans for their help, as well as Eric from, and Sarah at I should also probably thank everyone who had to endure my frustrated Facebook posts and outbursts of rage when I couldn’t figure something out. I am forever a 5-year-old.

The one thing that I couldn’t figure out was how to set this up so that those of you who currently subscribe to my blog via rss or email wouldn’t have to resubscribe. Unfortunately, whether you think you’re subscribed, you were subscribed, or you are totally new here, you will have to go over to the right and subscribe by email, rss feed, or Facebook if you want to see any future posts. Please also check your bookmarks if you had this site bookmarked.

Feel free to look around and leave some feedback! New posts will be coming very soon (as in, probably tomorrow because I missed the heck out of this thing) and I will be sharing everything from my online vision board of goals for 2014, to a bunch of actual, home-cooked recipes we are trying (like grown ups), and a new project that I’m loving! Right now though, it’s all about the celebrating.


I’ll take any excuse for chocolate and cider.

Pic an Hour

I saw this a few months back on another blog that I read and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since. Pretty simple – you take a picture of what you’re doing each hour of the day. I actually started it once a few weeks back, but by 2pm I had forgotten to take a few pictures, so this time I set an alarm on my phone to go off every hour.

I meant to take some of these with my DSLR to get some practice, but instead I took none of these with my DSLR. Whoops. Here’s what came out:

7:00am – “Wake up, Mom!”


8:00am – Breakfast of champions


9:00am – Addiction. Please get me a Pintervention.


10:00am – Summahtime and the livin’s easy


11:00am – Lunch


12:00pm – Doesn’t everyone match their razor to their loofah?


1:00pm – Summer outfit


2:00pm – Birthday tea party!


3:00pm – In Wonderland


4:00pm – “C” is for delicious, amazing CAKE.


5:00pm – Cruisin’


6:00pm – Simon


7:00pm – My favorite aisle


8:00pm – Play time


9:00pm – Goodnightstand


Hotel Schmotel

Sometimes I feel like vacation planning is so stressful, I need to take a vacation from vacation planning. I’ve even had vacations that I needed to take a vacation from. Ok, maybe I get stressed out easily (“what do you MEAN our flight is two minutes late?! That throws EVERYTHING off!”), but there is just SO much to think of when it comes to planning a trip.

Side note: also stressful is when you have a Very Type A person trying to plan a trip with a Slightly Type A But Mostly Type B person. Lots of indecisiveness, freaking out, last minute-ness, more freaking out…. Oh, by the way, I am an absolute list-making joy to live with. Any questions on which one of us is the Type A?


However, a small miracle happened last week in a cozy, little apartment in New England. Type A & Type A-B managed to book a vacation to Costa Rica! We leave in less than 3 weeks (ahhhh more freaking out!)!! We can’t wait to do a ton of adventure-y things and see a bunch of these guys:


We were actually able to find a really good deal on a guest house by the beach, thanks to one of my friend’s tips. She writes the blog Vacation Fiend and she really knows her stuff! She suggested where you can search through rental properties in the area where you want to stay.

The villa we wanted wasn’t actually available for the week we chose, but the owner was nice enough to rent us his guest house (read: even BIGGER place) for the same price, so we scored a place with 2BR, 2 Bath, living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, and a deck with hammocks to relax in for less than $600 for 6 days! Definitely a site worth checking out. It’s an alternative I had never even considered, but now I will be checking this site for every vacation that I go on!


Crazy Cat Lady

A few weeks ago, when I was going through the pictures on my phone, I discovered something a little disturbing. No, it’s not what you’re thinking (perverts.) I guess it’s not even THAT bad. I mean, everyone has 137 pictures of their cat on their phone, right?



Going through all these pictures, I realized that I have a very helpful cat. I’m not sure who taught her how to do chores, but I know it wasn’t myself or Dan. She helps us fold our clothes.


She is great with all of those hard to open, twist-off caps.


She likes to wrap gifts, especially when there is ribbon involved.


Sometimes she helps me do my hair.


When we need help sending an email, or using the mouse, she is always there.

2012-08-02_18-47-46_25 2012-08-05_12-05-47_147

Not only is she helpful, she’s just a really great friend. We watch football together, and she will cheer for the Patriots with me even when we’re playing the Bengals.


And she’s always the first thing we see in the morning. She helps us save our phone batteries by waking us up before our alarms go off. I mean, isn’t that just so thoughtful?

2012-06-12_06-36-25_653 2012-06-14_06-59-48_729

She plays a really killer game of hide-and-seek too!


After helping with chores and keeping us entertained for the day, she does seem to get a major case of the munchies.


Then she will usually pull out the couch (all by herself!) and take a nap.


I think she deserves it.

Hypothetically, if you have 137 pictures of your cat on your phone, many more on your computer, and about 20 in a blog post specifically about your cat, how close are you to being a crazy cat lady? It’s too much math for kitty and I to figure out. We’re going back to napping.



That’s not a real word, I made it up. Is anyone else completely obsessed with the upcoming Olympics though?! I don’t know what it is, but it happens to me every 2 years. Well, let’s be honest – the summer games are way more exciting than the winter ones, so I guess it happens every 4 years. That is a LONG time to wait for something. Especially when you are the Queen of Impatience, as my boyfriend will probably tell you. In fact, I bet he’s thought up lots of other titles for me.


I think the Olympics to me are just like reality TV on steroids. I have watched all the little clips from On Demand and know everyone’s most embarrassing moments. I have read hundreds of articles at this point, so I know the names of the athlete’s pets along with their inspiring stories (the athlete’s, not the pet’s). I even have a friend coming over to watch the Opening Ceremonies with me and snack on Olympic-themed munchies and drinks. I must admit, I definitely buy into all of the hype and get attached to these people to the point where I am counting down the days until their races and meets. Good job Olympic Marketing Committee. You got me. Actually, I think you’ve got someone else in my apartment hooked too…


My Weekend in Pictures

Kentucky Derby? Baseball game? Both.2012-07-14_20-02-57_326

5k Color Run – www.colormerad.com2012-07-15 08.43.42

I built this! (I’m a liar.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Relaxing with the PrincessIMG_20120712_075009