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[Resolutions] – Week 1 Pick

I picked my first resolution this morning! I kept telling myself that if I made it up until midnight, I could pick then. Guess who passed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 11:35? Right on the corner of Old Lady and Staying Up Late Isn’t Fun Anymore streets.

I wish I could do something suspenseful or play a drum roll before I tell you my first resolution. How about this – scroll down and look at all these pictures of dogs with wigs, and that will effectively (?) waste some time before I reveal my pick!



Week #1 is to Learn More About History! Ta-da!


This should be interesting because it was my least favorite subject all through school. I even got a C in it once! Gulp.

[Resolutions] – Something New

I decided to try something different for the New Year. I don’t always make resolutions, but when I do, I rarely stick to them. I get bored VERY easily and I’m kind of a quitter. That should probably be one of my resolutions, but I’m also lazy and I’m not going to go back and change them now.

This year, instead of making a resolution to go to the gym, lose weight, find a new job, (insert run-of-the-mill resolution here), I made 52 of them. Yikes.


But. BUT! I get to do 52 different things (which will keep me interested?) and I only have to stick to them for a week (which will keep me interested!).

The plan is that each week I will choose one resolution from my jar (I mean Jar. This thing is epic and time-consuming, so I am going to capitalize the crap out of it) and try to stick to it every day for that week. Some of the things I hope will become somewhat routine and I will end up sticking with them for the rest of the year on and off, but I’m only going to force myself to focus on one thing for one week or else my ADHD will start throwing tantrums.

Every Sunday I will pull a piece of paper from my Jar and write a quick blog to let you know what that week’s resolution will be. I will give myself until Wednesday to start (since some resolutions will need a little bit of preparation), and then I will blog again after the week is up and let you know how I did. For this week, I will choose my resolution tomorrow (New Year’s Day) and begin on Wednesday.


Every post having to do with this little experiment will have “[Resolutions]” in front of it, just like this one does, so if you’re not interested in reading about them, just skip those. I will only call you names for a few days, I promise.

I am also interested in hearing what everyone else’s New Year’s Resolutions are for 2013. Please PLEASE post your comments throughout this little experiment and let me know how your own resolutions are going! Maybe we can keep each other on track.

Wishing you a Happy & Safe 2013!!!