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[Resolutions] – Something Different

It’s time to shake things up a little bit. Do something different.


Except. Er. I don’t really know how. As the above photo probably shows.

I guess I could go a week without froyo. Or dye my hair? Maybe be on time for work? I can’t really figure out if there are an overwhelming amount of endless possibilities, or limited realistic ones.

Hmm, confusion and indecisiveness. That’s different.


[Resolutions] – Dabbling in the Arts

It seems like this was an artsy week for everyone! I’ve seen posts on Facebook from friends who have gone to see Wicked, designed their own shirts, or spent a gorgeous summer day at a music festival. For my own artistic resolution, I decided to paint my toe nails!


Nice, right? What an easy week!

Haha, I’m only joking. While I did paint my nails this week, I’m pretty certain it took zero artistic talent and that I can’t fool you guys into giving me a week off from resolutions. So, here’s what we REALLY did:


I love how these came out, and I like mine a lot better than my last wine-fueled painting! It’s really neat to me to see how differently everyone’s final piece looks, even though we all based them off of the same model painting. Some people stick to realistic-looking elephants and trees, while adding in a sun to make it their own (me), and others go more the way of frolicking elephants and white leaves (Dan). It’s funny to me because that’s how we are in real life also – I’m the practical one who likes to do everything how it’s “supposed” to be done, and Dan is more laid-back and doesn’t worry about things like why his elephants’ feet aren’t touching the ground.

If you’ve never done one of these “paint & sip” events, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a lot of fun, and even if you’ve never painted before in your life, you will be surprised at how well it turns out. The instructors guide you step-by-step, but you’re also free to take your own liberties with the piece, so they all really do turn out differently, but they all look great!


After a little debate about what really constitutes “art”, we decided to visit the Griffin Museum of Photography. I had been practicing a little more with my camera over the weekend (finally!!), and I was eager to see some real examples.


We were both a little disappointed in the museum, not because it didn’t offer some very cool photographs, but because it was very very small. We paid $7 to get in and were done perusing the 2 rooms in under 10 minutes. Maybe even 8 minutes including the time we spent taking pictures of ourselves with the photos:


However, the bathroom alone is worth at least $5.


And there are some really great photos there right now. Can you believe this was done by a high school student?!


I wonder if he looks like that in spring, too?

Oh, and as a little disclaimer, obviously some of these photos include other photos that are not my own. I really wouldn’t enjoy being sued for copyright issues, so I figured I should mention that.

But I do really like Twinkies.

[Resolutions] – Stepping Into Week 35

This week is a little nerve-wracking, a bit intriguing, and somewhat fun.


I’m not really sure what would be outside of my comfort zone. Actually, I’m pretty sure my comfort zone is on my couch, or with my friends/family, or outside reading a good book. So anything outside of that, like going to work, would count, right? Wait, no. That would mean I have to go to work this week to be outside my comfort zone, and I already planned on not doing that for at least one day.

Being the center of attention makes me uncomfortable. So do birds, dancing, and fire. Based on that, I think I should join a Vegas stage show and this week will be complete.

I actually do have a few ideas for this one, but I could always use more, so feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think I should do, or what you would do!

[Resolutions] – Patience – At Least It’s a Good Song

I apologize in advance, but this is not going to be a very entertaining post because, you guys, being patient is boring. Maybe that’s why I don’t do it very often.

I was actually quite proud of myself this week. I even drove on the Mass Pike. In traffic. Both ways. Basically all summer long it looks like this:


And I did that on purpose. Dan had me use Waze to find a different route so that we could avoid the stop-and-go traffic all the way home, but I chose the Mass Pike in order to truly test my patience. It wasn’t so bad, but maybe that was because I had a riding buddy and a plethora of radio stations to keep me entertained. Normally, I would come home full of road rage and four-letter words, but instead I found myself telling Dan to be patient. It might have been Opposite Day.

The one thing that I am horribly impatient with however is my DSLR. I know, you’re sick of me talking about this thing. I keep meaning to learn how to use my camera, and I keep not doing it. I signed up for a class…it got cancelled. I bought a book…I never find time to read it. I take the camera out to play with it….I get frustrated and come home without taking any pictures. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the settings, and when you add to that the fact that I’m a crazy perfectionist and want all my shots to be amazing on the FIRST try, let’s just say the end result is far from anything that could be mistaken for patience.


So that is this weekend’s project. Read the book, learn the camera, practice, and be patient with the process slash results.

And stay away from the Mass Pike.

[Resolutions] – Week 34 in Fine Arts. Or Even Just Ok Arts.

I didn’t realize how perfect this week’s choice was until I just started writing this.


Which is super easy because Thursday night Dan and I will be here painting another drunken masterpiece. We went once before and painted the Zakim Bridge at night. I think they came out quite well and I’m sure the wine had everything to do with that.


This time we have our own bottle of wine, as opposed to the small glass we each had last time, so I’m sure these next two paintings will be museum-worthy.

Speaking of museums, I would like to do something else artsy since the art bar feels a bit like cheating, as it was already planned before I drew my resolution this week. I’m not a big fan of history, or actual art, so I suppose a museum wouldn’t really work unless it was the science museum, which isn’t art, so nevermind. Clearly I need help with this one. Maybe this? Or this? Maybe a play, or a festival of some sort, or a foreign film, or interesting exhibit? Leave me a comment if you know of anything going on this week!

[Resolutions] – Now Hiring Week 32

What is your dream job? The one thing you would happily do every day, even it if paid very little. Mine would be a Traveling Event Planner Blogger Photographer Food-Tester. I’m not entirely sure that would fit on a business card though.
Even though I don’t really work in any of those fields, I do enjoy (shockingly) the job I have. Sometimes it’s repetitive, sometimes I have bad days, and sometimes I want to storm out and never come back, but for the most part I really enjoy working with numbers, solving problems, and playing with spreadsheets. I’m not really looking for a new job because I’m pretty comfortable where I am.

That being said, it was about time I updated my resume a little bit to reflect my current position and my master’s degree. Instead of updating the hard copy of my resume (since I’m not very serious about job-searching right now), I revamped my LinkedIn profile instead.


This article was pretty helpful. The only thing I still need is a more recent picture of myself, but the ones I have don’t look very professional.

I plan to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date and every so often I will look around to see what’s out there, or what I might be interested in for the future. Feel free to find me and add me as a contact, or even leave a recommendation or endorsement if you’d like. I promise I will return the favor!

Even before I picked this resolution, I had been wanting to redo both mine and Dan’s resumes. I loved the look of something like this:


Sadly, I think that’s a little too crazy for any position I would be applying for. But it was perfect for Dan who works in a creative field, so he used some of these templates as inspiration for his own new resume. And while I’m pimping Dan out, check out his portfolio and demo reel. Unlike me, he is currently on the hunt for a new job, so any leads would be very helpful to us both!

And I suppose if you can find me a job as a Dog-Walking Mathematician Ice Cream Specialist, I would take it.

[Resolutions] – Week 33 is Waiting

Well this week is a bit of a challenge…


You see that number there? That’s my attention span. When the clock gets to zero, all patience runs out. When I’m driving, the time is significantly shorter. Or when I’m hungry. Or when I’m at Walmart.

Maybe this week I will *gasp* let a driver go ahead of me. Or maybe wait in line at Bagel World with the rest of the breakfast crowd.

But, if I see you this week and you really don’t want me to fail at this, please don’t make me wait more than 30 minutes with/for you. Or go to Walmart…

[Resolutions] – I Can’t Stop!

This is definitely one resolution I can stick with. In fact, it might spiral very quickly out of control. Just so I can be ready, does anyone have the number for Decorators Anonymous? Maybe they meet every week in Bed, Bath & Beyond? Because that would be perfect.

I am so ridiculously excited to finally have a curtain above our living room sliding door! I’ve looked for one on and off for a long time, but could never seem to find exactly what I had in mind. I really wanted something that matched the cranberry color of the pillows, but didn’t block much of the sunlight since it’s the only window in our living room.

I found several different options at Ann & Hope Curtain and Bath Outlet over the weekend. I really think the trick was bringing my mom shopping with me. Moms are magic! Here is the one we settled on:


I only bought the valance (top piece), and that is not my living room, but I have to tell you about one other project before I can reveal pics of my own!

So once the curtain was up, I tackled the area behind the couch. You might remember that it had some small posters centered behind it, but not much else.


Those photos were all store-bought years ago, and Dan and I have never been to any of those places (although we would LOVE to!), so I wanted to change it up and have something a little more personal.

We bought a wall decal when we first moved into our apartment, and because I am the Queen of Projects Never Finished, we never hung it up. With Dan’s help, I finally put it up last night.


What do you think?

All of the photos surrounding the quote are ones that I’ve taken myself and, sticking with the theme of the quote, are things that make my happy.



I really like the way that it came out, I’m just afraid that it’s still too small for that large wall space, but it’s something I can easily add more photos to if I decide to.

I also bought new pillows for the couch just because the ones in these photos are getting old and gross. The new ones haven’t been delivered yet, but they’re pretty similar to the ones I already have, so that won’t be a big change.


Still fun to buy something new though!

We still need something to hang over Dan’s desk area, something on either side of a large bookcase, and something to the right of the sliding doors. And a new pillow for the other couch. And a runner for the coffee table. And everything inside HomeGoods.

But for now, I’m very happy to have a living room that actually looks lived in and cozy!


Do you like it? Do you want to come shopping for more with me? How about tonight? Target at 7pm? Perfect, I’ll be there at 5.

[Resolutions] – Monday, It’s the New Sunday

Normally I pull my resolution from the jar on Sunday and post here letting you know what I chose. You might notice that today is Monday.

On Sunday, I pulled a resolution from the jar, but then I went to a family party. There was punch. Adult punch. Do we see where this is going?

Sooooomeone had a little too much of said punch and then soooooomeone was in no condition to blog, although they did make an attempt at a Facebook status that included about 40% actual words and started with the number 8.

So here we are now on Monday and I’m letting you know that my resolution for the week is not to drink punch. And also, this:


I don’t think that I’ve updated my own resume in four or five years, and while I’m not actively looking for a new job, I know that it can’t hurt to see what’s out there. As of this week, I’ve been at my current position for ten years, and I’m pretty comfortable there, so this is really more of an exercise in resume-writing for those “just in case” scenarios.

Speaking of those, Dan was laid off last week, so this is perfect timing because I may be able to tweak my resolution and help him update his resume and search for jobs as well. He’s done a lot of work on his resume already and it’s looking 100x times better, especially for someone in a creative field.

In case you’re wondering, I know the word “resume” is supposed to have all kinds of accent marks or something over the letters, but I never learned how to make those on a keyboard. Guess that won’t be going on the resume…

[Resolutions] – I Ran. But Not to Iraq.

I decided to take the liberty of changing this week up a little bit. I can do that, right? I mean, it was just a leeeeeetle change.

My original resolution was to See How Far I Can Run but I decided instead to See How Fast I Can Run. See? Leeeeeeeetle. Only 2 letters.

I figured this would be a little more manageable for me, and frankly, a little easier. If I was going to be running 3-4 times this week, I didn’t want to be pushing myself to run for miles each time, or spending an hour on a treadmill. Ha, an hour. Who do I think I am?


Last August I ran in a mile-long race and finished with a time of 10:49. Not super fast, I know, but I was happy with it. This week I thought I would see how low I could get my mile time down to.

I ran on the treadmill the first day, which made it difficult to really calculate because the first 30 seconds or so are spent getting the thing up to a good speed. Then I kept upping the speed a little bit each minute, but sometimes it seemed like the treadmill wasn’t going much faster, but the distance calculator was. So basically, I don’t know how accurately this reflects my mile time in comparison to the race I ran on pavement last year, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t at all because…


Seriously? 13 whole minutes?! Oh, AND. I stopped to walk for a minute or so during the race last year because it was so hot and muggy outside, but on the treadmill I didn’t stop once. So how on earth can I be over 2 minutes slower when I went at a faster pace? It seemed a bit fishy to me, but I went with it because, honestly, these numbers worked well for my OCD.

I tried again 2 days later and my time was 11:11. Again, a nice OCD-pleasing number, and much more in the range I had expected. I didn’t get a picture this time, but Dan was there and he can vouch for me or I will tell everyone that he washed the floor with Pledge the other day.

My third (and final) date with the treadmill this week was before work Tuesday morning. BEFORE. Like, early. So it should come as no surprise to you that I got on that treadmill (actually, that part probably is a surprise), ran my heart out for .82 hundredths of a mile, and then…..stopped. Yeah, just totally turned it off, went upstairs, and got ready for work instead.

I actually am not too upset about this though because I did get up before work to run for a third time in just 5 days. And I used the extra calories I burned to treat myself to this for lunch:


I don’t know why I couldn’t push myself to do those last .18 hundredths of a mile. I really just get bored running. Every few years I’ll decide I want to like running again, but it always seems to end this way.

However, the good news is that these .82 hundredths of a mile were completed in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Which means…I beat my mile time!!!

Sort of. That counts, right?