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[Resolutions] – What Channel is HGTV?

This is one of those resolutions that I knew was in the jar and I’ve been just waiting for it to show up.


We’ve lived in our apartment for 2.5 years now and still don’t have a curtain above our living room sliding doors.


And while I love how our bedroom looks, the living room has always felt unfinished to me. It’s kind of cluttered and bare all at the same time. The furniture is all squished in along the length of every wall, but the space above it is mostly bare. The one area with wall decorations is behind the couch, but the size of the frames makes it look small and silly in comparison with the couch and the high ceiling/tall wall.


This week’s goal is going to be to find a curtain to match the couch pillows, and redecorate the walls. I have a few ideas in mind, but I’m still going to go on Pinterest and search through the home decor section just because.

And then I’ll want to redecorate my entire life while baking cookies inside brownies and wearing the cutest outfit ever.

[Resolutions] – Hot and Cold

I made 2 new meals this week, but they were kind of the same meal. Although different. Yes, this is kind of how I am in real life. Ask me to make a decision. Go ahead. See what happens.

I used the broccoli slaw that I posted about earlier in the week to make a salad. Pretty much just broccoli slaw, balsamic dressing, and some feta cheese from Trader Joe’s that had herbs and red peppers mixed in. I really liked it and would definitely make it again for a quick work lunch or something.

For the hot meal, I boiled the broccoli slaw and then drained it, just like you would pasta.


I added in some tomato basil sauce and more of the feta because nothing is a meal to me without cheese.


It was just kind of…meh. It could be because I’m really not a fan of sauce on my pasta, so I guess I wouldn’t be much of a fan of it on my broccoli slaw. It just tasted kind of plain though, more vegetabley (go away, Spellchecker) than anything. Which makes sense since it was basically all vegetables with a tiny bit of cheese that couldn’t even save the day.

So that one I probably won’t be making again.

What about you guys? Have you tried anything new lately? I always seem to get a lot of great recipes when I post anything about food, and I’m always up for trying something new, so feel free to send your recipes my way.


Bonus points if they have cheese!

[Resolutions] – Run, Forest, Run!!

This week is both something I’m dreading and something that I’m glad I chose at this particular time. Contradictory? Welcome to my brain.


You already know that I hate to work out, and I like running even less. Last summer I ran in 3 races, all of which took place in 80-90 degree weather with high humidity. Fun.


Actually, that one WAS fun, but I walked more than I ran since it wasn’t really timed.

I pretty much gave up running after last August and I haven’t cared to do it again, but I am kind of curious how my time would compare if I was running in cooler temps. Something a little less than “I’m sweating like a man and I can’t breathe”, but a little higher than “My lungs are burning and snot is freezing to my face.” 60 might be nice.

While I don’t think I will get to run in 60 degree temps this week (not outside anyway), this resolution couldn’t have come at a better time. As someone who has suffered from both anxiety and depression, I have read a lot about how exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of both. I haven’t taken an anti-depressant in over a year now because I’ve felt like I haven’t really needed it, but also because I don’t like to take medications in general, as the side effects sometimes hit me worse than the problem itself.

However, recently I’ve noticed some of those symptoms creeping back in – I’ve been super irritable, have a lack of motivation to do anything but nothing, and little things are a struggle. It’s nowhere near as bad as I once was, and nothing that I’m too concerned about, but since I reallllly don’t want to think about taking, paying for, and dealing with medications again, I am glad this week came up when it did so that I’m forced to test out the exercise and endorphins theory.


Perhaps this is a little deep for a Sunday night, but you’re my invisible internet friends and I like you.

And you’re cheaper than therapy.

[Resolutions] – The Week That Ended Before It Began

So this week? Don’t even want to talk about it.

Originally I was planning on being silent to avoid complaining. Now I’m going to be silent just to avoid telling you how much I complained.

I woke up Wednesday complaining about my phone being slow, and then about not wanting to go to work, until Dan reminded me that it was the beginning of Don’t Complain week. Oops. The rest of the day actually went ok though, mostly because I was conscious of it, partly because it was a nice summer day, and largely because I got a raise. No complaining there!

The rest of the week just kind of fell apart. It was too hot, it was too cold, I had to pay bills, I didn’t want to work out, the bathroom didn’t clean itself, wahhh wahhh waaaahhhh. I’m so annoying.

So fine, I complain a lot. But many of these complaints were brought up in normal conversations about work, or chores, or small talk about the weather, which means…you guys complain too! I prefer to call it “venting”. And I think it’s a pretty essential part of keeping myself sane (shut up, Dan). I could totally stand to complain a lot less, and believe me, I know my life is nothing to complain about and I’m very grateful for that, but sometimes…. it’s just too hot. And too cold.


[Resolutions] – Something Old and New

So this one feels a bit repetitive. I will be Cooking Something New this week.


I feel like I’ve done this a few times already during the weeks I had to Try New Foods and Make All Meals at Home.

It’s actually perfect though because we just went food shopping yesterday and bought 2 bags of broccoli slaw that I’m going to heat up like pasta with some marinara sauce, more veggies, and cheese. Sound weird?


Well, you can thank Pinterest, AKA The Devil.

[Resolutions] – DANtastic Week :)

I think we have a 6 out of 7 theme going on here. Well, let’s say 6.5 out of 7 because really we did pretty well.

Wednesday was Opposite Day. While I’m normally the one who likes to stay in and rarely drinks at home, Dan is far more social, goes out way more often, and makes all kinds of strange concoctions with the leftover alcohol in our fridge. On Opposite Day I had to convince him to go to the fireworks RIGHT DOWN THE STREET. And that was after I made us these:


Ignore the one on the left, it was not feeling very patriotic.

Once we found the food truck that served iced coffee, it ended up being a fun night out and a good kick off to the week.


We both had the 4th off, but we spent the day mostly relaxing, doing errands, and visiting family. The highlight of the day was most definitely our lunch at Macaroni Grill, which cost $7.84 for 2 entrees because I am the Queen of Cheap.


Friday was the beginning of a 1-day work week (in my mind), but we spent the night together road-tripping to my mom’s house. Once we got there, we ate together on the back porch, and then this happened:

You guys, those mosquitoes are HUGE in Western Mass. I mean look at that thing.

Saturday was spent at a family party celebrating my brother’s graduation from college and it was by far the BEST day of the week. We ate a ton of picnic food, spent lots of time outside, and saw some relatives that we definitely don’t get to see often enough. There were water balloons, poisonous non-poisonous spiders, puppies, cookies, sprinklers, sunshine, and this unidentifiable creature:


Sunday was similar to Thursday in that we both had the day off and spent it doing pretty much nothing until later in the day when went out to dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s. Remember when I was planning for this week and I said maybe we would go for a walk after work? Yeah. We are definitely food people. Not so much walking people.

Monday was movie night, so we curled up on the couch to watch V/H/S/2. Um. It was awful. Like so bad. And I LOVE horror movies, sometimes the cheesy ones even more, but this was just….terrible. We were giving each other looks the whole time like “is this actually happening?” or “I feel dumber watching this.” I gave up about 3/4 of the way through, so if you want to know how it ended, you will have to ask Dan.


Yeah, like the one where you realize you just spent over an hour watching this instead of something more fun, like doing the dishes, or eating nails.

Wait, I’m writing this during Don’t Complain week. Did that one count? Please say no.

Ok, so Tuesday was the final day and it was actually the toughest. Dan leaves for work before I get up in the morning, and then got home right as I was leaving to go celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday. I got home around 10:30 at night, which is pretty late for me, but we needed to sneak in some together time, so we both got in bed and (that is NOT where this is going) played video games on our phones. Ha. Dan played an old SNES version of Aladdin and I of course chose this:


And that is why Tuesday only counts as half a day.

But I did get to a new level. And I very much enjoyed my Week of Dan and am looking forward to more 🙂

[Resolutions] – …

So I might not speak very much this week. I think that’s the only safe way to do it.


I know Dan is going to read this and laugh, and to be honest, I’m not even sure this week is going to go very well.

Are little complaints allowed? Like what if I get stung by a bee? Can I complain that it hurts? Or what if it’s 90 degrees and my hair looks like it does in the above photo? Or what if I don’t like my meal at a restaurant? What if there’s a bug in it? Or worse, a hair? Wait, that’s not worse. Or is it? I’m so confused by this week!!

[Resolutions] – 6 Out of 7 Dentists Agree…

…that 6 out of 7 days of flossing is ok? Yeah, I missed a day. But considering I missed about 365 of them before that, I’m still feeling pretty good about this week.

There was another good thing to come out of this week also. I’m not usually very good about bedtime routines; I tend to get comfy with a book and then pass out without heading back into the bathroom. It’s only recently that I’ve started getting better about removing my makeup at night, and the only reason that happened is because I’m so addicted to watching beauty videos on YouTube now that it’s become necessary to take off all the makeup I’ve been wearing. And buying.

So now that I’m in there flossing every night, I’ve started a little night time routine.


I’ve also been using this guy:


I bought that about a year ago, but I think it did a better job of washing all the mirrors, the ceiling, and every surface in my bathroom than it did of flossing my teeth. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now though and I can almost keep all of the water in my mouth. Almost.

I’m tempted to make a dentist appointment for…well, tomorrow. Do you think they can tell that all my flossing has been crammed into one week?

[Resolutions] – 2gether 4eva…or at Least for a Week.

I’m not sure if Dan is going to be happy or terrified about this one. This week I’m going to Do Something Together With Dan Every Day.


I’m hoping happy? Actually, I’m hoping “happy” at the beginning of the week and still “happy” at the end of it. Or I’ll take “only moderately sick of me”.

Plus it’s summer, and my week will include a holiday and a family party, so it should be really easy to do this. I’m thinking a movie, a walk after work, going out to eat, doing each other’s makeup, checking out some 4th of July fireworks. Heh. I snuck one in there. Don’t worry, Dan, we won’t really watch a movie.

But if we do, I bet you will look really pretty.

[Resolutions] – Week 25 Complete! Let’s Eat…er, Celebrate!

This week definitely was a bit of a challenge. How do you eat healthy at a birthday party?! Answer: you don’t eat. You spend months planning a surprise for your boyfriend’s 30th and are such a ball of nerves the day of the event that it’s all of a sudden 11pm and whoops, you forgot to eat!

I suppose there are a few cookies, an alcoholic beverage, and several forkfuls of salad that can prove that untrue. But no cake, no pizza, no meatballs, no lasagna, no ice cream, and NO CAKE. I think I did well.


I also went to Trader Joe’s early in the week and came home with the healthiest haul of groceries I had ever put in my fridge. I think my fridge was probably so confused that it spent the night Googling “are grapes poisonous? is spinach a bad word?”


We went out for breakfast the day after the party and instead of my usual pancakes or french toast (which usually resemble rafts in a syrup lake), I stuck with cottage cheese and wheat toast. I was dragged kicking and screaming to get ice cream the next night (ugh, my life is awful) and I picked a low fat frozen yogurt and ordered the smallest size.


So I’m happy with my choices this week, and while I most likely will continue to bring fruit and yogurt for snacks at work, and order smaller and healthier portions when eating out, I am most definitely not restraining from ice cream all summer long. It’s practically a food pyramid requirement from June – September.

Oh, also. I didn’t put my last blog post on Facebook this Sunday because I felt like I had already reached my self-imposed posting limit for the day with San Francisco pictures, Dan’s party pictures, and statuses (statii?). If you’re interested in reading it and don’t subscribe via email or RSS, it’s here.