So I guess these Friday Favorites are becoming a thing? Maybe I will run out of them soon, but right now I still get overly excited about numerous things each week, only to promptly forget about them once a new Monday rolls around. Like that QuizUp app I couldn’t stop talking about (or playing)? I got overwhelmed with all of the requests once I asked (forced.) everyone else to install it and challenge me. I don’t think I’ve opened the app since the third day I’ve had it. This is my life.

Here we go:

(1) This dialect map quiz that Dan found somewhere. So far I don’t know of anyone that it’s been wrong about. The results for most of my local friends have been Boston, Worcester, or Providence. I got Springfield, which I attribute mainly to the fact that I refer to a foot-long sandwich as a “grinder” and not a “sub”. Maybe “tag sale” has something to do with it too? So funny the difference that 100 miles makes. Also, has anyone ever heard of ANY of those other names for a sunshower? I think they made them all up.

dialect map

(2) I’ve only gotten halfway through this list of the 100 Funniest Things in the History of the Internet, but my god. Some of these are not safe for work, mostly because you will look pretty ridiculous trying not to laugh out loud. Number 3? Hysterical. I’ve seen the videos for #18, 40, and 41 before, but I just rewatched them all and I freaking love the internet.

(3) One of my absolute favorite restaurants is opening about a mile away from my apartment! I’ve loved the baked brie at British Beer Company for years, and it’s just about the only place you can order a Fruli. Which you should. Because it’s delicious.

(4) I am SO ready for Spring. I just bought this jacket at Target and I think I’m going to wear it in place of, well, everything, for the next 3 months. I just love it so much. So much that I even took a bathroom mirror selfie this morning.



BUT. Then I realized that it doesn’t have side pockets for me to put my hands, phone, etc. into and this might just be a deal breaker.

What things are you loving this week?