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Beauty Faves #2

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you some of my favorite beauty products. I’ve been snowed in for just about 48 hours now and my beauty routine has consisted of showers and toothpaste. At least if I talk about some of my favorite products, it will make me feel like I made a bit of an effort these last two days.

I’m still a big fan of everything that I wrote about last time, especially the eye shadows, primer, and heat spray that I use daily. Here’s what else I’ve added to my routine lately:


I’ve been trying to stick to a nightly routine where I remove all of my makeup before getting into bed. Since I’m a 33-year old with skin that can’t decide if it wants to be 40 (wrinkles) or 15 (acne), I tried to find a system similar to Proactiv, but more for adult skin. I ended up buying the Murad Acne Starter Kit at Sephora and I’m pretty happy with it so far. I like the cleanser and the acne solution (both pictured), and I do use the spot treatment at times, but I’m not a fan of the mattifying lotion. It’s a little too mattifying, even for me. The whole system is definitely intense, so I’ve started only using it at night since it makes my skin a little red during the “purging” phase, but it’s cleared things up really well!


I also use the Almay eye makeup remover pads at night and I’ve found that they don’t irritate my eyes like other removers have. They’re also super convenient, which is great when you’re trying to break lazy habits that lead to getting mascara all over your pillowcases.

The Laneige mask is also part of my nightly routine. It feels really refreshing and if you’re freaked out by the idea of sleeping in a mask, don’t be – it really feels like just a mositurizer, but I can see the difference in my skin every morning.

The Borghese scrub is my compromise between wanting to exfoliate frequently, but feeling like the St Ives Apricot scrub (you know the one) kind of rips my face off. This one is more gentle, but still gets the job done and if it’s anti-aging benefits really work, then that’s just a bonus in my mind!


I love the Cover Girl foundation because it goes on fairly smoothly, looks natural, and doesn’t require me to put powder on, which is saying a lot because my skin is very oily. It definitely lives up to it’s “shine-free” claim.

I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. These are great because they are good, quality brushes without the crazy price tag. I also have the blush brush and the powder brush and I have no complaints about any of them.


Oh my God, these Lush lip scrubs. I’m sure you’re not supposed to use them as a dessert, but I can’t even help it, I just love them so much. They taste great and I’ve become so addicted to them that I even brought a second jar of the popcorn one to work. My lips just felt so dry and gross that I needed a solution, and these are definitely helping! And look at those hearts in the Santa’s scrub!

I don’t wear a lot of perfume, but when I do, I like something clean or fruity. When the brand name is Clean, it’s safe to assume that the scent might be as well. This really does smell shower fresh and I’m excited to try some more of their scents (um, fresh laundry?? sign me up.)

For hair, this Pantene Weekly Rehab Creme has been a MUST for me this winter. And don’t tell anyone, but I use it more than weekly. Pantene seems to be one of those brands that people either love or hate, but this is a big LOVE for me.


There are some Clinique products that I use frequently, and so I wait for them to have their bonus promotions to invest in them. These next two items were part of a free gift with purchase, but I intend to repurchase them when they’re gone. The mascara is my absolute favorite and I use it every day lately. It gives me both length and volume. The lipstick is in the shade A Different Grape and it scared me at first with how dark it looks, but I attempted it one day for a nice fall look and have been wearing it on and off ever since.

This particular Laura Gellar baked blush/highlighter seems to be hard to find (I have the shade Como/Portofino), which makes sense because I’ve had it a long time without using it. It seemed too sparkly for me as a blush, but I’ve started using it as a highlighter and now I love it and wish I had tried it sooner!

Lastly, this Cover Girl eye shadow kit in Blushing Nudes has been a go-to this season when I don’t want to wear too much eye makeup or I’m in a hurry. You can tell from the photo below that I prefer the peach color and really haven’t bothered with the others yet, but that shade is the perfect brightening color without a lot of fuss.


So that’s all of my faves! What things are you loving right now?? Please share!! I have somehow spent enough money to be very close to a 500-point bonus at Sephora and I need to know what I should buy to get me there!!

[None of these are sponsored products or affiliate links, I really just love them all and wanted to share!]

Beauty Faves

I follow a whole bunch of beauty bloggers and YouTubers (official term?), and one of the things I always look forward to are their monthly favorites posts. While I’ve never taken the time to do one of my own, I think about it whenever I’m getting ready in the morning and decided it was time to share a few favorites.


I definitely don’t have the space or the budget to buy a whole bunch of new hair and makeup supplies each month (although my collection suggests that I think I do), but there are a few things that I consistently reach for.


I first got this Benefit Porefessional primer as a sample over a year ago. I’ve tried a few other primers, but this was always the one I came back to, so I eventually caved and bought a full-sized tube. It’s not greasy, slimy, or sticky like some of the others, and when I put it on my face I can actually see it making my pores disappear. Sold.

The Neutrogena foundation was somewhat of a happy accident. I ran out of one of my other foundations and my spare was still a bit too dark for me (I switch between two for summer/winter). When I went to buy a new one, they were out of my shade, so I grabbed this one instead and I couldn’t be happier with it. The first time I put this on my face, I immediately followed it with powder and then was all “hey, wait a minute, I didn’t even put concealer on.” This has NEVER happened to me. I ALWAYS use concealer to cover any dark spots or hyperpigmentation, but this covers my face so perfectly that I’ve been able to skip that step about 75% of the time. Surprisingly, it’s not that heavy on your face even though it’s definitely a full-coverage foundation for me. Love it.


On to eye things. This is always my favorite part! I own so many of these Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows, but my favorite is definitely Bad to the Bronze. It’s the well-loved one that you see open in the photo above. I use it several times a week, both as a base and by itself. These are all just so creamy and stay put better than a lot of my powder shadows.

Everyone always raves about the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, but I get irritated with anything that I have to sharpen (lazy.) so these Stila Smudge Sticks are perfect for me. They’re the same price as the Urban Decay liners, but they twist to sharpen and come in a ton of different colors. My favorite is Lionfish – the coppery-colored one in the photo above.


This Too Faced Chocolate Bar is the holy grail of eyeshadow palettes. I splurged on it last month after reading so many good reviews about it and hooooooomygawd it smells like chocolate. I spend as much time sniffing it as I do putting it on my face. The color payoff is great and you can create lots of different looks with this since it has some neutral colors as well as some pink and purple shades. Some are matte, some are shimmery, all are delicious amazing.


While I have yet to find anything that will take care of my dark circles completely, this Garnier roller comes pretty close. The cool, metal tip feels great on my eyes, and the color is just enough to conceal any darkness without looking too bright or yellowy on my face. I’ve gone through so many of these.

Almost done with eye things, I swear. This L’Oreal mascara is a recent fave, but after it’s gone, I will definitely be buying it again and again. It lengthens without clumping, and the curvy shape to the wand makes it so that I can get to the outer corners of my lashes without poking myself in the eye. I reach for this almost every day.

I don’t wear color on my lips very often. I’m much more likely to grab a nude-toned gloss or even some Carmex (fancy, huh?), but this Julep gloss in Charming has been on my mouth a lot lately. It’s just pigmented enough to make it look like you tried, but still definitely a neutral. It’s not sticky at all – I actually find it pretty moisturizing.


Time for two non-makeup favorites. The Tresemme Keratin spray is intended to be for flat-iron protection, but I use it whenever I heat style my hair. I find that I don’t even have to use a flat iron after blow drying if I use this spray first.

This last favorite was another accident. I ran out of the Bath & Body Works cream that I use religiously and decided to try this Bodycology one as an emergency alternative while I was in Walmart one day. I didn’t expect much, but I liked the smell and it was inexpensive, so I bought it. It smells incredible. It’s sweet and a little bit fruity, which wasn’t really what I expected given the flower on the package. I love it almost as much as my B&BW lotion, so on the months when I’m feeling cheap, I will definitely be trying more of these.

That’s my list! What are some of your go-to beauty products? Do you love some of the same things, or is there anything new I should try? My bank account is dyyyyying to know.

A Use for All of Those Socks the Dryer Leaves Orphaned

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to be blond (again). I don’t know why my 2012 self hasn’t learned from my 1995, 1997, 2000, and 2009 selves that doing anything different to your hair, especially on your own, is BAD. Several hundred dollars and a few trips to the salon later, I’m finally back to my natural color and never dyeing my hair again (2013 and 2014 selves, take note).

I think this is why I’m now actively avoiding the salon. I can’t bear the thought of spending another 10 cents on my hair this year, no matter how long, snarly (it’s a word.), dry, and split-endy (it’s not.) it gets. Instead I will just keep putting socks in my hair and pretending that it’s a fancy new hairstyle.


That’s right. The Sock Bun. There is a sock in my hair. IN my hair. Because without it, that bun flops over and you can just tell that I took about 30 seconds to tie it up in an effort to leave the house before reaching for the scissors…


Side note: I had to take the morning of my Junior Prom off from school to go get my hair fixed after I tried to give myself layers while sitting on the floor of bedroom. Those pictures will not be appearing here.

For a tutorial on the sock bun, watch this video. And no, I have no idea why she is called Mr. Kate. And yes, she is a tiny bit annoying.