So I know hauls are usually done on YouTube where I could easily show you my new products while talking on and on about them, but the thought of sitting in front of a camera and listening to my own voice while I play it back? Ew, no.

You guys definitely seem to be more interested in beauty posts though, and I get the most feedback when I talk about some of my favorite products (#1 and #2), so I figured I would share a few things that I ordered from Sephora over the weekend.


The main thing I wanted was this Murad Clarifying Cleanser that was part of my last favorites post. I had bought the starter kit that comes with 4 sample sizes of a cleanser, treatment lotion, moisturizer, and spot treatment. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the moisturizer, I did like the cleanser and the treatment products. I will say that it has seemed to lose its effectiveness a bit, but that’s also because I seemed to lose the motivation to use it twice a day. I was almost out of the cleanser so I decided to buy the full-size version and stick with it a bit longer.


The next thing I wanted was this Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara in black. I first received this as a trial size in one of the gift-with-purchase promotions. I was holding off on buying the full size version until there was another Clinique gift at Macy’s (starts today!), but I felt kind of …meh about most of the items in the gift and I have enough of those bags to wallpaper my bathroom now, so I grabbed it at Sephora instead. This is my current favorite mascara and even though I have five other brands currently on rotation in my makeup bag (indecisive much?), this is the one I usually reach for.


I’ve become a big fan of using makeup brushes to apply everything from foundation to powder to shadow. I used to be the girl who just used the sponges or little applicators that came with my makeup, but I’ve since become a bit of a brush snob. That being said, my collection has been lacking a crease brush for a while and I’ve even tried to use a small blush brush to blend my eye makeup. Yes, you’re right. That was a disaster. I don’t have any other Sephora brushes, but I’m hoping this Sephora Crease Brush #73 will help me avoid any more panda eyes.

Those were the three items that I purchased, but if you’ve ordered from Sephora before, you know that you usually end up with a stack of awesome samples. First up was my birthday bonus – a pair of Nars lipstick crayons in Cruella and Rikugien (if you can promounce that, you win.) I’ve never owned anything by Nars, but I do know that last year’s birthday gift (a Makeup Forever lipstick) is my all-time favorite everyday lipstick, so I’m trusting Sephora on this one.


When you sign up to be a Beauty Insider, you not only get the annual birthday gift, but you earn points on purchases that can be exchanged for products. I used 100 of my points this month to get this Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover since I’m almost out of my Clinique bottle.


Another helpful tip is to google “Sephora promotional code” whenever you order online from them. Most likely you will find several to chose from and score yourself some extra stuff. The one I used got me this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I have one of these in a wine color and I barely use it, so it definitely wasn’t worth spending $22 on for me (I spent WHAT on a lip balm?!?), but the internet seems to love these things, so I’m giving it another shot. I suspect I might like it better now that it’s free.


And finally, the samples! Usually you get to pick three with every order, but I was able to chose five this time.


First up is the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. I’ve seen a little bit about this on the internet – both good & bad – so I’m curious to try it.

The Dr. Brandt pores no more primer – you know I love my primers and I can easily be sold by the thought of being poreless.

I’m not really sure why I chose the Living Proof Curl Conditioning Wash. I think I just want Jennifer Aniston’s hair. Now and in the 90’s.

I had a bit of a moral dilema with this one. I hear good things about the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, but she did ruin Sandra Bullock’s marriage, so… We’ll see.

The last one they screwed up on a little bit, but I don’t mind. I was supposed to be getting a sample of the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (it even says it on my packing list), but instead ended up with this Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer set. I’m actually kind of glad this happened now that I think about it because I already have several other foundation samples. Mixin’ it up a bit.

So there it is! I’m also on the hunt for some purple eyeshadow shades, a shampoo that lathers but doesn’t ruin my hair, and a new eye cream. Any suggestions? I haven’t been to Sephora in about three hours so I’m overdue.