I just spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out how to share my news all “guess what?” style, but then I remembered it says fiancé (sort of) right up there in the title. Sooo…maybe not necessary?

holy crap

Dan proposed this past weekend while we were in Boston! I think I spent the first few minutes just asking “is this serious?” before I actually said “YES!” And then for a few more minutes after I said “yes”.


We had some random strangers congratulating us and taking our photo, and I think it was one of the most surprising moments of my life. Somehow it was out of nowhere, but yet nine years in the making, all at the same time.


This is my new favorite photo of us, even with the streaks of snow and all of its grainy, cell phone glory.

I dove straight into wedding planning the next few days, and then promptly climbed straight back out of that pool. These things cost how much?! They take how long to put together?!


If any of you who have already been through it have any tips on how to keep the whole process manageable, affordable, and stress-free, please share them in the comments!

For now, any of you who follow me on Pinterest are safe from an onslaught of wedding boards. We’re taking some time to just enjoy being engaged and not having to rush to plan anything. When the time comes, I’m sure I will DIY the crap out of this thing, so be on the lookout for plenty of crafty favors and centerpiece ideas.

In the meantime, I’m hosting a Sweet Swap at my place this weekend and can’t wait to share it with all of you when it’s over! Have a great weekend!