[Resolutions] – Cleaning Up Week 43

Well, it had to come up at some point.


I’ll be so happy after this week is over. That isn’t me complaining about having to clean, although I’m going to be doing that also (surprised?), but when it’s over with and there are vacuum streaks in the carpet, sheets that smell like fabric softener, and no dust covering…well, everything, THAT will be heaven.

When I pulled this out of the jar and showed it to Dan, I said “Good thing we don’t have plans next weekend.” To which he replied, “Yeah. Wait…WE?!” Haha. Ha.


[Resolutions] – Friendly Update on Week 41

Had a little trouble sticking to the Sunday & Wednesday posting schedule this week. Hopefully you didn’t notice, but it’s actually my resolution’s fault: Sunday night, when I would normally be posting, I was out with a friend at a haunted corn maze, and Wednesday night I was out getting froyo (shocking.) with a couple friends. My 90-year-old-girl brain can’t handle doing more than one thing in a night, so…no blog.

But I’m here now! And I definitely succeeded this week with my resolution to get together with old friends. Er…young friends. Who I’ve known for a long time. 4-Eva. Or at least since 4-Eva was an actual thing you wrote in notes and then folded up in little squares to hand to each other between classes.

Right. Back to 2013. So on Monday, I met a friend for a walk around a local lake.


We chatted and walked for over an hour, and then we also talked about plans for the next time we meet up, which will be in a few weeks. Surprisingly, the first date we picked in November was wide open for all four of us girls, so the whole group will be getting together again in a short time.

This was another one of those resolutions that didn’t really feel like a resolution. Some of them have certainly been a little on the boring side, or felt more like a chore, but this was definitely a favorite! I think the “resolution” part of it really involves just doing it more often!

[Resolutions] – Planning to Be Spontaneous

This should come as no surprise to anyone here, but I am someone who likes to plan. I like to know what I’m doing for the weekend by Thursday night and I may or may not (read: always do) freak out when something comes up unexpectedly.

Have I mentioned that I’m a lot of fun to be around?

This week’s resolution is going to require me to do something on the spur of the moment. No planning, no scheduling, just a lot of spontaneity.


Immediately my mind wants to plan all the things I could do this week – all the places I could “spontaneously” take off to after work, all of the things I could surprise Dan with, and all of changes I could make, but I’m trying not to go there.

And I’m actually kind of excited!

Even if I won’t be making it to Nebraska.

[Resolutions] – Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

Remember when I said “This week is going to be so easy!”? Good, because I don’t either. I try to forget most of the stupid things I say.

It wasn’t necessarily hard, but I guess one could say that I cheated a bit and counted things with fruit or vegetable flavors as actual fruits and vegetables. I’m pretty sure that on any given day during this last week, I did not eat 5 actual, raw fruits or vegetables. I did, however, have a lot of pumpkin-flavored waffles, cherry-rhubarb jam, and apple cider.

I forgot all about my resolution until after 5pm last Wednesday, so I had to scramble to put a dinner together that would get me close enough to 5 fruits and/or veggies. We ended up with Trader Joe’s Eggplant Towers, corn, and mango slices. With cider, of course.


I hear there is some discussion about whether corn is a vegetable or a grain, but as long as this bag says it’s a vegetable, I’m counting it as part of my 5.


For the first few days, I found it easy to get my 5 fruits & veggies (as long as I counted the items where fruit was an ingredient as opposed to the only ingredient). So much so that I stopped writing down every meal on paper because I was confident I was eating way more than 5 each day.

And then Sunday happened.

Sunday. The Day of Rest. The Day of Not Showering or Moving Off the Couch Because You’re In the Middle of Your Own Breaking Bad Marathon. The Day of Eating Pasta for Lunch and Ordering Pizza for Dinner While Snacking on Pirate’s Booty ALL Day. At least there were tomatoes on my pizza?

After that little…er, mishap, I paid Trader Joe’s a visit on Monday to make sure that I wouldn’t be stuck without fruit again if I couldn’t (um, wouldn’t) leave the house all day.


And then it was back to smooth sailing for those last two days. Plenty of salads with carrots and cranberries, wraps with tomatoes and peppers, and froyo with strawberries and blackberries.



[Resolutions] – I Didn’t Mean My Friends Are Old…

This is one I will admit I am really bad at sometimes.


I’m fortunate enough to still be close with several of my high school girlfriends, but we don’t see each other as much as I would like. It’s not really anyone’s fault, but…well, actually, it IS someone’s fault. Life.

Most of us have moved away from our hometown, some farther than others, and it makes getting together a lot more of a planned occasion rather than just a quick meetup. Add in jobs, kids, family functions, vacations, and the rest of Life’s other little sidekicks and those planned visits become fewer and farther apart.

That being said, my favorite part is always being amazed that even after months of not speaking to or seeing each other, things go right back to how they were 20 years ago – lots of laughs, funny stories, and making memories.

I think the only thing that’s different really is the lack of scrunchies.


So after this week, I hope to have either seen some old friends, or made some plans to get together real soon!

We might even talk about boys.

[Resolutions] – To-Done List

I feel very productive this week!

I got rid of that leaning tower of bills and receipts that has been growing in the corner of our living room for two years now. We gained about a square foot of carpet space that actually appears clean!


I decided not to use the NeatReceipts because I feel like it’s one of those pieces of technology that seems as if it would make your life easier, but really creates more work. I know myself well enough to know that every time we get a car repair bill or a doctor’s office receipt, I’m not going to take out the scanner and the laptop and file it away somewhere on my hard drive. I am much more likely to take the 10 seconds to open a filing cabinet and throw it in there.


I know I might sound archaic, but I like paper. I don’t want to have to search through .pdf files to find a document I need. I took some time to create folders for everything we could possibly need, and now all these bills and receipts and statements have a home. Mostly all of our things are online now anyway, and all the really important stuff is in the safe, so I think this is definitely the easiest solution.

It also means I’m a jerk and I’m going to end up selling the gift Dan got for me, but I will use the money to take us on a nice weekend trip somewhere to make up for it. Pinky swear.

Another project that has been left untouched for an embarrassingly long time are the two shirts that needed a little bit of sewing. I think I wore one of them only once before it got tossed in a corner waiting for a new button. Both of those are now good as new and it feels like I went shopping without spending a penny!


A couple other things have been on my list of projects for quite some time and I took a few steps toward completing those also. The first is moving this blog to WordPress. I have been trying to do this for months and months, but ever since Google Reader went away, it seems like an impossible task, as there doesn’t seem to be any other way to transfer all of my posts and comments without losing anything. I sent out a few emails this week and hopefully someone smart can come up with a way so I can move forward with that project.

We also have a private photography lesson scheduled for Tuesday, which I have been meaning to do for for-EVER, as anyone who reads this blog knows. I can read all the books and tutorials I want, but there is nothing like hands-on experience.

Now that all of these things are done, I feel so accomplished! It motivates me to do more just so I can cross some things off my never-ending list.

One thing still baffles me though. If I’ve been so productive this week, why is this still here?


[Resolutions] – An Apple a Day…

This is going to be easy!


Sorry about the glare from my mangoes. Always trying to be the center of attention those things.

So, as I was saying, this week shouldn’t be very difficult. I already eat strawberries on my froyo, chug apple cider like water, and put pumpkin in…well, everything. Shhh, it counts.

I know sweet corn is not the best vegetable to eat, but then it shouldn’t taste so good. And it shouldn’t be a vegetable because vegetables are good for you, so that’s confusing. Same with oranges. I remember when I found out that orange juice wasn’t exactly the best drink for breakfast every morning. Still crushed.

In all seriousness though (if we ignore the alcoholic beverages in my photo above), this week really should be easy. I’ve been having a lot of salads or wraps for lunches, and I also really enjoy every single fruit and vegetable there is (even you, brussel sprout), so this should be a piece of cake!

Er…strawberry shortcake that is.

[Resolutions] – The Great Disconnect

It kind of wasn’t so great.

It started off really well and I would keep announcing to Dan how I “hadn’t been on Facebook more than once all day!” or “I didn’t log in to my email until lunch time”. Both things felt pretty refreshing at the time…until later on that night when I spent 30 minutes getting back to where I left off in my news feed. Or until I opened gmail to 37 messages (I made that number up and I’m a bit of a an exaggerator, so…).

I’ve kind of decided (and quickly) that I like being plugged in. The only times that I really don’t enjoy it is when I’m trying to finish something else and the internet is SO distracting with it’s Pinterest outfits and YouTube videos of goats, or when I’m at work and feel like I have to respond to personal emails right away or know what’s going on at all times. In that sense, I do plan to unplug a bit more and enjoy the “me” time and productivity.


Ooo, semi-related side note: I’ve started a little game for myself on the weekends where I do one “unfun thing” like emptying the trash or folding laundry, followed by one “fun thing” like watching 20 minutes of a show on Netflix or reading a book. I am definitely more productive when I allow myself that little treat in between rather than overwhelming myself with a to-do list that makes me feel like I will never have time for fun things again EVER. (Who’s an exaggerator?)

But when I’m bored, there’s not a whole lot I can do while standing in line or sitting in the passenger seat of a car other than crush some candies and read some blogs.


That right there is a testament to how not unplugged I was this week. That wrench is what happens when you play all 410 levels of Candy Crush and there are no more (yet). Last level?! Are you kidding me? Torn between wanting more levels and wanting my life back.

A second realization for the week: I pretty much do EVERYthing online. I shop, pay bills, research things, organize, make money, read, socialize, and watch TV/movies. So while I think it’s nice to put the phone down when I’m feeling overwhelmed and not be reachable for a bit, I honestly can’t be as productive or on top of things without the internet. Or entertained. There are only so many books and magazines in the world (which I did read several of this week!) It’s just such a part of life now that I honestly feel worse and less in control when I remove it.

So my new goal is moderation. When I’m really busy at work, I need to let those emails go until I get home, or reply to texts with a simple “hey, I’ll call you later!”

And is there a parental control for Pinterest? I need some parental control. Or just control in general.

[Resolutions] – Completing Week 39

I know just the thing for this week.


Dan bought me the Neat Receipts scanner two Christmases ago and I…ahem…have never used it. And it’s not because I didn’t want it, I asked for it specifically! I just wish it came with someone else willing to sit and scan each one of those receipts and file them away on my computer and back them up and continue doing that every time I get a new bill.

So before Dan re-gifts it to me again this Christmas (that happened last year.) I am making it my mission this week to get rid of that pile. I have a few other projects around the apartment to complete as well, like sewing the button back on that shirt I wore once, or hanging more decorations in the living room.

And speaking of completing a project, can you believe there are only 13 weeks left now?!


I really feel like I just started this project a few months ago, but I have to say, I’m proud of myself for sticking with it this long. I haven’t missed a week yet and I’ve posted here twice weekly with updates, which is probably the longest I’ve ever stuck to anything.

Except my couch.

[Resolutions] – More Fun, Less Stress

It’s been a preeeeetty stress-free week so far. No tears, no yelling, no popping Klonopin in the middle of the day because I just.hate.everything. (It’s cool, I have a prescription).

Usually, by Friday night, I am so stressed out about the weekend and all its plans and errands and chores and lack of me-time that I have a mini-meltdown and start saying things like “I wish I had to work this weekend.” What the….? But it’s true. Some weekends are just so crazy full and busy that I almost wish I were at work where at least I’m getting paid to get through my to-do list. Where I get a lunch break, and where I go home at 5 and everything is done and forgotten…until the next day at least.

Doesn’t that sound like I have a disease of some sort? When I’m up to my eyeballs in budgets this November, I will have to re-read this post and remember just how much I like working. Right. Anyway.

This weekend was nothing like one of those weekends though. I went out on Friday night (nope, not a typo), which made the weekend seem just a little bit longer than usual, even though I was home early and tired. Saturday I had some time to relax before doing a sunset cruise around Boston Harbor with some friends.


Seriously? That view.

And Sunday, I was possessed by some productive demon and had about 43 things accomplished by 12pm. I even did Dan’s chores so he could spend some more time with family visiting and do a little freelance work. I did them and I didn’t even complain! Although, I did let him know that he owes me one. I wear a size 7.5 shoe, Dan.

I’m really trying harder not to stress about all the little, mundane things, but I will admit, it’s pretty difficult because we’ve had a lot of plans all summer long, and still have fairly full weekends right up through the holidays. Sometimes I just want to say no to everything and sit at home with a book and some tea. For weeks.

But it’s mostly fun stuff, so I should really be saying “no” to the unfun stuff. Like dishes and cleaning bathrooms and food shopping. Well, maybe not “no”. Maybe just “wait a minute, I’m not done having fun.”