[Resolutions] – Week 3 Made SO Much Room for Activities!!

Ok, if you don’t get the Stepbrothers reference in the title there, I want you to STOP. right. now. and go watch the movie. The entire thing. For those of you that DO get the reference, no, I did not turn my bed into bunk beds, but I definitely made room for lots of activities!

The biggest goal I had this week was to clean out my closet. Well, not all of it, just the clothes and shoes. Which is basically all of it. I mean Dan has a few things, but let’s be serious – the closet is mine.


Tangent: Dan asked me the other day about getting a 3rd dresser for the bedroom because he was running out of space for clothes. We’re running out of space for dressers too, so I asked him what he needed room for and then pointed out that there IS one tiny, open space on the top shelf of the closet that I haven’t claimed. The other day I noticed 5 long-sleeved shirts in this empty spot and I turned them sideways to make even more room for him to put some other clothes there. When I showed him this he said “oh, that’s fine, I don’t need anymore room, I’m done.” Ok, whaaaat? We were gonna buy a new dresser for those 5 shirts up there?! Boys.

At the beginning of the week, I made an appointment at Plum Consignment because I knew that it would motivate me to clean out the clothes and give stuff away, especially if I would be making money for them. Turns out I am more of a stereotypical Jewish person than the actual Jewish person in our household. Is that okay to say? Well, regardless, it worked. Here is an “after” picture of the closet:


There are way less clothes in there, I swear, but you have to look at the hangers and the top shelf to notice.


And here are the bags of stuff that I’m consigning to make money for shiny, new things!


I also tackled the medicine cabinet last week. Or rather, it tackled me. It’s not unusual for an expired box of throat lozenges and Band-Aids to fall out when we’re trying to get to the toothpaste. I fixed it up real nice though, and I’m actually planning to take a trip to The Container Store soon to get one of these little magnetic things to tidy it up even more.


The last thing I cleaned out was all of my books. I thought this one was going to be painful, but it wasn’t so bad. I don’t know why I even buy books because I only read them once and then they sit on a shelf for years and years. The library would probably save me a lot of money.


I cleaned out a ton of them and have another trip to a consignment shop planned. Now there is a big empty spot on the top shelf for me to fill by buying new books. What? I’m a girl. I’m not supposed to make sense.

[Resolutions] – Week 4 and a Look at My CLEAN Closet!

I picked for week 4 this morning! And guess what? MORE learning! Starting on Wednesday, my goal for the week is to Take a Class!


This might prove kind of tricky to do in one week, but I will be happy with just scheduling a class to take in the future. I wanted to take a photography class, but I don’t have the fancy new camera that I wanted yet, so I’m going to have to consider some other options. Any ideas for me? Something crafty? Something adventurous? What would you choose?

I have to tell you guys – I am doing SO well at week 3’s resolution! I have already cleaned out a bookcase, the medicine cabinet, AND my closet! Remember the Leaning Tower of Sweaters I posted last week? This is what it looks like now:


Pretty good, right? And the best thing about getting rid of things? Buying new things!! Like that new camera I mentioned because that last photo is just awful.

Well, I think there is only one thing left to say here. GO PATS!!!


[Resolutions] – Week 3 Already?!

Hello there! I finished up with week #2 yesterday and I feel like someone is going to burst through our front door with a pop quiz any minute. I learned a new word every single day, but I wasn’t as good about actually using them. It’s really HARD to use obscure words in sentences, you guys.

For example, on the first day I chose a word from this website. It was “conterminous“, which means something like having the same set of boundaries or being part of the same…i don’t know…area? Yeah, clearly, I learned this one. After a few seriously forced attempts like “my leg is conterminous with my foot” (is it? I might not even be using them correctly…), Dan said to me “so basically I’m going to have to learn a new word every day this week also?” To which I replied, “Yes, my word week is conterminous with yours”. Score!


Poor Dan. He was equally as excited the next night when I used my second word on him also: “You’re a daymare.” I think working is probably my worst daymare though. And Dan got me back on Day 3 when I asked for a word and he gave me pnuemonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. I’m sorry, what?? That day I was happy with just learning a word and not trying to use it in a sentence.


On Day 4 I was reading a book using the Nook app on my phone, and I didn’t know what the word “imbroglio” meant, so I looked it up. And just like that – word of the day. Bam.

Day 5 was compendium and, other than the fact that I just looked it up to post that link, I have no idea what it means. I have somehow already forgotten something I learned 3 days ago. Imagine that. That guy with the pop quiz isn’t really coming, right??

The sixth day was a little easier because my word was “sangfroid” and it was so fun to keep saying in a nasally French accent! Seriously, hit the little speaker icon next to the word and listen to the guy say it. Don’t you want to eat crepes now?!


Sangfroid was also easy to use because I have the opposite of sangfroid. So I just kept telling Dan over and over how I don’t have sangfroid and I wish I had sangfroid but I have the opposite of sangfroid. Three times in one sentence. Before you feel bad for him (again), please note that he was sitting in his chair repeating the word over and over like his name was Pierre.

My final word of the week was “nutate” which means several things, one of which is to nod your head. Nutate if you’ve heard this word before. Anyone? Me either. But you can bet I will be using it more often now. I laugh every time I say it. Why? Because I’m annoying. And now you’re all nutating. (Interesting side note – spell check wants to change that to “mutating” – now you’re all “mutating”).

Week 3 begins today and I’m cleaning out the medicine cabinet tonight! Do Band-Aids expire..?

[Resolutions] – Week 3 Already?!

Just picked for week #3! Can’t believe we’re already in the 3rd week. I’m convinced that time goes by faster relative to my age. It’s something like the older I get, the stronger my gravitational pull, and my head spins faster, therefore days go by quicker. I think?

Anyway. Week #3 is to Clean Out & Get Rid of Things at Home! I’m REALLY happy that I picked this one early on because I’m not sure how much longer I can say that I’m going to clean out my closet and then proceed to read magazines, eat soft pretzels dipped in cheese, and look up internet videos on how to apply liquid eyeliner instead. Now I HAVE to do it. Because this little piece of paper says so.


Look out Sweater Pile, I’m coming for you. You too, Millions of Shoes.


This also means that I’m just about done with my week of learning new words. Which is probably good since I found myself searching for some on here:


And this was pretty much the only page I could actually post a picture of since most of the words are not family-friendly. Like not even if you’re a family of prison inmates.

[Resolutions] – Week 1 is History!

That pun was obviously and embarrassingly intended.

So despite my feelings about history for a good 30-something years of my life, I was actually excited to get started on this resolution. Instead of starting on Wednesday like I had planned, I turned the History Channel on New Year’s Day and watched “World War II From Space”.


Unfortunately, I set myself up to fail with that one because I’m not that interested in wars OR in space (sorry, Dan), although there wasn’t much more to the “space” aspect of this than some maps like the one you see above. I can’t tell you one thing I remember from this program though, so I knew I needed to switch things up a little bit if I was going to learn something this week.


That’s when I found “I Love the 1880s”. And I do. I officially love the 1880s. If you remember the VH1 (I think?) version of this show (“I Love the 80s” & “I Love the 90s”), the History Channel one is just like it. I watched all 4 episodes and then watched 1 of them over again because I liked it so much.

I learned that Einstein and Marilyn Monroe may have had a bit of a fling, which was news to me because I don’t even think of them being from the same time period. I also learned that Andrew Jackson really liked to shoot at people and challenged Charles Dickinson to a duel after Dickinson insulted the future President’s wife. Jackson was shot first in the chest, but survived (as he did with a few other duels and an assassination attempt!) and proceeded to shoot and kill Dickinson. So when you think that senseless acts of violence are a relatively new phenomenon….they’re not.

The show had a lot of fun facts about history, and the commentary on them was humorous, so it kept me interested. I remember things about Winston Churchill being the “highest functioning alcoholic” and Freud testing cocaine on himself because he thought it was some sort of miracle cure for just about any disorder. And in the early 1900s, people used to put their babies in these things:


Supposedly it was a “safe” way for kids to get sunlight when they lived in high-rise buildings and didn’t have a yard to play in. And you guys thought Michael Jackson was the original Baby Dangler.


I watched a few other interesting shows on Pompeii and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I was surprised to find that I actually kind of enjoyed watching them, so maybe next time I’m bored and there is no reality TV to rot my brain with, I will continue this resolution to learn more about history.


I wanted to go about learning this stuff a few different ways, so I’m also in the middle of a book called Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents. It’s pretty good. Similar to the show about the 1880s, it’s full of facts but with fun and interesting twists. There is a section on every President from Washington to Obama, but I haven’t finished it yet, so I guess history week really isn’t history just yet.

I think my apartment complex must have known how I was spending my week because this showed up in our monthly newsletter:


A 3,106 carat diamond?! Is anyone’s finger THAT big?!

Last but not least, I visited an exhibit currently on display at the Peabody Historical Society. It focused on the last 150 years in women’s history and included some pieces from each era – clothes, books, china, musical instruments, photos, etc. The picture below is actually a gym uniform worn in 1913. Sweat much?


Speaking of gym, I dragged Dan to this right after we left a 1-hour boxing class, so we had on some gym clothes of our own. I think they go nicely with this Victorian living room.


There were some other interesting things here as well, like this wreath made from human hair (wtf?):


And this book from 1823 that we touched (with gloves on) even though it says not to because we misread the sign and I didn’t realize it until right this very second. Oops.


I am actually pretty proud of myself after Week 1. I (mostly) enjoyed learning and may even keep up with this one throughout the year. 51 more weeks to go! Weeeeeeee!

[Resolutions] – Week 2 Pick & a Sneak Peak

I picked week #2’s resolution! I won’t make you look at funny pictures of dogs this time, but I do wish I had some way to build a little bit of anticipation while announcing what it is. Oh, I know! I’ll use CAPS. And exclamation points!!! As if I don’t ALREADY overuse those TWO things!!!!!



My Facebook posts are going to be SO intellectual next week. And Dan is going to LOVE talking to me. Ok, no more CAPS abuse.

History week is going pretty well actually. I’m in the middle of a book about the Presidents, have watched a lot of interesting shows, and am visiting a museum tomorrow! I will tell you all about it after my week is up (remember I am picking on Sundays, but doing each resolution Wed – Tues).


It’s almost like I made a resolution to be the biggest geek in a 30-mile radius…

[Resolutions] – Week 1 Pick

I picked my first resolution this morning! I kept telling myself that if I made it up until midnight, I could pick then. Guess who passed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 11:35? Right on the corner of Old Lady and Staying Up Late Isn’t Fun Anymore streets.

I wish I could do something suspenseful or play a drum roll before I tell you my first resolution. How about this – scroll down and look at all these pictures of dogs with wigs, and that will effectively (?) waste some time before I reveal my pick!



Week #1 is to Learn More About History! Ta-da!


This should be interesting because it was my least favorite subject all through school. I even got a C in it once! Gulp.

[Resolutions] – Something New

I decided to try something different for the New Year. I don’t always make resolutions, but when I do, I rarely stick to them. I get bored VERY easily and I’m kind of a quitter. That should probably be one of my resolutions, but I’m also lazy and I’m not going to go back and change them now.

This year, instead of making a resolution to go to the gym, lose weight, find a new job, (insert run-of-the-mill resolution here), I made 52 of them. Yikes.


But. BUT! I get to do 52 different things (which will keep me interested?) and I only have to stick to them for a week (which will keep me interested!).

The plan is that each week I will choose one resolution from my jar (I mean Jar. This thing is epic and time-consuming, so I am going to capitalize the crap out of it) and try to stick to it every day for that week. Some of the things I hope will become somewhat routine and I will end up sticking with them for the rest of the year on and off, but I’m only going to force myself to focus on one thing for one week or else my ADHD will start throwing tantrums.

Every Sunday I will pull a piece of paper from my Jar and write a quick blog to let you know what that week’s resolution will be. I will give myself until Wednesday to start (since some resolutions will need a little bit of preparation), and then I will blog again after the week is up and let you know how I did. For this week, I will choose my resolution tomorrow (New Year’s Day) and begin on Wednesday.


Every post having to do with this little experiment will have “[Resolutions]” in front of it, just like this one does, so if you’re not interested in reading about them, just skip those. I will only call you names for a few days, I promise.

I am also interested in hearing what everyone else’s New Year’s Resolutions are for 2013. Please PLEASE post your comments throughout this little experiment and let me know how your own resolutions are going! Maybe we can keep each other on track.

Wishing you a Happy & Safe 2013!!!


A Use for All of Those Socks the Dryer Leaves Orphaned

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to be blond (again). I don’t know why my 2012 self hasn’t learned from my 1995, 1997, 2000, and 2009 selves that doing anything different to your hair, especially on your own, is BAD. Several hundred dollars and a few trips to the salon later, I’m finally back to my natural color and never dyeing my hair again (2013 and 2014 selves, take note).

I think this is why I’m now actively avoiding the salon. I can’t bear the thought of spending another 10 cents on my hair this year, no matter how long, snarly (it’s a word.), dry, and split-endy (it’s not.) it gets. Instead I will just keep putting socks in my hair and pretending that it’s a fancy new hairstyle.


That’s right. The Sock Bun. There is a sock in my hair. IN my hair. Because without it, that bun flops over and you can just tell that I took about 30 seconds to tie it up in an effort to leave the house before reaching for the scissors…


Side note: I had to take the morning of my Junior Prom off from school to go get my hair fixed after I tried to give myself layers while sitting on the floor of bedroom. Those pictures will not be appearing here.

For a tutorial on the sock bun, watch this video. And no, I have no idea why she is called Mr. Kate. And yes, she is a tiny bit annoying.

It’s Almost Here!!

No, not Christmas. That’s like light years away still. Plenty of time for shopping. (Please just let me keep believing this, as I’m about 7% done with my list…)

I’m not talking about the end of the world (again) either.

No, this is WAY better. This is FREE SHIPPING DAY!

Every year on December 17th, hundreds of companies offer free shipping with the guarantee that your items will be delivered by Christmas Eve. Check out the list of merchants that are already participating.

I have to say, I know a lot of people who do their Christmas shopping mainly online in order to avoid the malls. I have always been too cheap to pay shipping for something that I could pick up at a store, so Free Shipping Day is perfect for me. No crowds. No shipping fees. No reason to even get dressed that day.


Oh, wait. It’s a work day. Booo.